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Faux dreadlocks $600.00 24 hours
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Faux dreadlocks
24 hours

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Though Sisterlocks share a similar backstory to dreadlocks, the Sisterlocks technique was created by Dr. JoAnne Cornwall in the 1990’s.


Sisterlocks are a hair locking style similar to dreadlocks. Unlike traditional dreadlocks, Sisterlocks are smaller locks created by using smaller sections of hair and using a special tool. The Sisterlocks technique is trademarked and can only be properly installed by certified consultants.


Other than size, there are several other differences between traditional dreadlocks and Sisterlocks. One difference is the starting process of the locks. Traditional dreadlocks created in a salon can take approximately 3 hours. It costs an average of $75 to start the dreadlock process. Sisterlocks take considerably longer and are considerably more expensive. The first treatment for Sisterlocks can cost up to $800 and can take more than 24 hours to complete. Many consultants will split the first treatment session into two sessions due to the long installation time.


Another difference between the two styles is the weight of the hair. Because Sisterlocks are thinner than traditional dreadlocks, they are less heavy. The size of the Sisterlocks also allow them to be styled more easily.


As with dreadlocks, Sisterlocks require regular maintenance, even after the locking process is complete. The only way to remove Sisterlocks is by cutting off the locks.

Faux dreadlocks


Armpit length

Bra strap length

Classic length

Collarbone length

Ear length

Mid back length

Neck length

Shoulder length

Waist length



Pros & Cons

Promotes hair growth; Versatility; Lightweight; Low maintenance

Expensive; Long installation time; Permanent; Stigma against style

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