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Marley Twists

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Twists $120.00 4 hours
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Marley twists became a trend in 2013 around the same time as its close counterpart Havana twists.


Marley twists are a two-strand twist using natural-looking Marley extensions. Marley hair has a kinky, coarse texture that is similar African-American hair.


Marley twists are often confused with Havana twists. Some stylists use the terms interchangeably, but there is a slight difference. While Havana twists use a special type of hair that can only be found online, the hair needed for Marley twists can be found at any local beauty supply store, and often at a discount.


Marley twists are versatile, allowing one to wear twists down or in a high ponytail or bun. Recently, many women have begun to accessorize their Marley twists with clips or cowrie shells. With proper care, Marley twists should last approximately 8 weeks.

Jumbo twists

Kinky twists

Havanna twists

8 weeks

Armpit length

Bra strap length

Classic length

Mid back length

Shoulder length

Waist length




Pros & Cons

Versatility; Inexpensive; Length Retention; Promotes growth

Twists may feel heavy; Can cause hair breakage; Can tangle during removal; Promotes Frizziness

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