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Dreadlocks are said to have originated in Ancient Egypt. Artifacts of the time depict Egyptians wearing dreadlocks. Modern day dreadlocks are the result of the Rastafarian movement that began in the 1930s.


Dreadlocks are strands of matted hair that resemble braids. Despite many beliefs, dreadlocks are not unkempt, dirty strands hair. Dreadlocks are generally created by separating sections of hair and keeping them matted by rolling the sections on a regular basis for up to 12 months before the hair is fully “locked”.


Dreadlocks are generally created on natural hair. It is possible to use extensions to create synthetic dreadlocks. The look of dreadlocks depends on the starter method. The methods of starting dreadlocks vary from “neglecting” the sections of hair until they naturally lock up, to “manicured” salon techniques to start the locking process.


Dreadlocks require regular maintenance, even after the hair has been fully locked. Most people who choose to wear dreadlocks choose to do so permanently. To remove dreadlocks, one must cut the individual locks.

Faux dreadlocks

Sister locks


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Pros & Cons

Low maintenance; Versatiility; Promotes hair growth; Inexpensive

Permanent hair style; Stigmas against style

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