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Application Requirements for hair pros.

We want to increase opportunities in beauty with good health, trust and safety standards.

Stylist account requirements

Add your services & skills

As the saying goes: "Show. Don't tell". Increase your chances to earn more by adding photos to your services. Set your own prices, duration and modalities.

Document requirements

To insure trust and safety for the community, we verify you are who you say you are and depending on your city, a professional licence can be required by law.

Communication requirements

For the latest updates on appointments, we want to be able to reach you by email and text message. You will need to authorize us to contact you by those means.

Stripe account for payment

Stripe is a world-class payment processing system. It has the best privacy and security standards that will make sure your get your money every time.

We're all about flexibility.

On Ebena, you are always in control of your time, your prices, mobility and other modalities like hair supplies.

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You are in control

You set your own prices

On your Ebena page, all the services you list are under your control. You set your own prices.

Mobility preferences

Whether you can travel to your client or solely work out of the beauty shop, simply set your terms on Ebena.

Your schedule, your terms

On Ebena, you are in control of your time. You can change your schedule or openings.

Supplies & Tools preferences

Let users know whether you provide beauty supply items like hair, beads or conditioners, etc.

Secure bookings with deposits

You can accept deposit payments for a small fee. This insure a reliable and stable operation of your hair business.

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Don't like subscriptions?

Our standard plan gives you powerful tools to professionally run your business with no commitments.

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Get your own page

Post photos, prices and share your Ebena page link to your customers and on social media. We promote your services and list them to potential clients.

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We are always open for ideas, suggestions and inquiries.
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