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Onboarding Process


Ebena Stylist Onboarding


For over two years, Ebena has been on a mission to connect the African-American community with its closest community of hair professionals. We are committed to this mission. This is why we have a better way for stylists to create their Ebena page.


First, sign up for a stylist account.

First, you need to sign up for Ebena.

To signup on Ebena, go to and click "sign up" at the bottom left of the screen.


Complete the signup form. You can sign up with your email and password.
You can also use your Google or Facebook credentials to create an Ebena account.


Pick "As a Stylist"

pick stylist account type

Enter your info and click on "Create new account".

click create account


Understanding the Ebena Onboarding

The Stylist Onboarding for an Ebena page is very simple. It involves a 4-step process.

  1. Add your services
  2. Verify your contact information
  3. Upload an ID and/or a relevant license or certificate (cosmetology or other)
  4. Connect deposit collection account

These steps are designed so that all stylists are set up to feature their services, receive deposit payments and provide a safe and reliable experience for the community.

This is the Onboarding page:


There is no specific order in which you must complete the steps. However, the goal is to complete all of them so that you can publish your Ebena profile page.


When you click on Add services, you must add at least one service and click save so that your service is added.
You will need to select the service from our list, add your asking price for the service as well as the duration of the service.
Then click save. If you are sent to the onboarding page, feel free to click on Add Services again to add another service to your list. Keep in mind that you can add more services after you complete the other steps of the onboarding process.

When a client books, pays or cancel an appointment, we want to be able to let you know instantly.

Click on Activate SMS and you will receive a text message. Simply reply Yes to that message then click the link that is sent to you to continue to the website.


Also, click on "Verify Email" We send you an email with a link. If you don't see it inbox, check in your spam email. Open the email and click on the link to verify your email address.

EmailClickEmail Confirm

P.S.: Understand that notifying you and your clients by SMS or email of any status regarding appointments is crucial. This is why we now request that all our users have a valid mobile phone number and are able to receive SMS text messages and emails from us and from clients.
You can unsubscribe from emails and SMS notifications. Note that doing so will require us to unpublish your page.

Click "Done" when you have verified and authorized both your Email and mobile phone number.

Done with contacts verification


Click on Accept Deposits
Click on "Accept Deposits" to get started.

Ebena uses Stripe to collect payments from clients and also to pay you. This is why we ask you to tell us where we should send you the money we collect for you using that service.
When you click on "Accept Deposits", Ebena will send you to Stripe's website to set up the payment connection safely.
This step is absolutely FREE of charge. Again, you will not be charged for doing this.
stripe page
Stripe, a world-class safe and secure payment platform that protects your information with the best available privacy standards. This connection ensures that you always receive money safely in the right account. Stripe is used by companies like Lyft, Postmates and much more.
Once you are done with stripe, you will be redirected again to Ebena's Stylist on-boarding page to complete steps required if any.

To use Ebena, you must be at least 18 years old. These requirements help us create a safer community.

Click "Submit Documents" to begin the process.

Click Upload

Cosmetology licensing laws, rules and regulations vary from state to state.
In certain states, it is the law to hold a license before performing hair beauty services. When you provide your license or government-issued ID, you help all of us to be in compliance with the local laws and regulations, but also to create a trusted and safe community.

Click Upload

If your state does not require a license, you don't have to upload one. Simply upload your ID which is required.

Click on "Save" to finish the process.


Checked all the boxes? Now you can publish your page.

Click Publish Profile

At the end of these steps, you can click "Publish profile" and your page will become published on Visitors will be able to see it and book your services.

You will now see your account page from which you can do additional settings to your profile.

Stylist Account Page


What's next? The Final Review.

Ebena will review the information you’ve submitted on your page. During a one-week final review/approval process, you may be asked for additional information by phone or email before your page is approved. Make sure that filters allow mail from all domains. Return missed phone calls or emails quickly so the review process can proceed smoothly.

If everything you have submitted matches our requirements, your page will remain published. If there are things to double check, adjust or change, your page will be updated to private and Ebena will contact you directly to let you know what you can do to re-publish your Ebena page.


Thank you for your continued trust in Ebena as we work to improve the way we keep our community safe and strongly connected.