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Fulani braids

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The Fulani people or Fula or Fulany are an ethnic group in the Sahel and West Africa. They are a nomadic pastoral community and are primarily Muslims. Many Fulanis were captured and brought to  America between the 16th and the 19th century during the slave trade. Most originated from Mali, Senegal, Guinea, and Cameroon. 

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Hair plays a major role in the African culture and civilization. It can symbolize origins, social status, wealth, religion, or marital status. In this regard, Fulani women decorate their hair with bead hair accessories and cowrie shells. They are characterized by long hair which is braided into four or five braids and sometimes looped on the sides. The women would add silver coins and amber to those braids as ornaments. As a tradition, some of these coins are passed down in the family. 


Fulani braids have a pattern where cornrows are braided from the back to the front with traditional front-to-back cornrows. 

The tribal braids pattern of Fulani Braids is identified by a cornrow braided down the center of your head from front to back. Additional cornrows on each side of the head hanging on each side of your head. It is very common to include attachments and decorations such as Afrocentric wooden, metal or plastic beads.

Fulani braids are sometimes faster to install than other protective styles such as box braids or faux locs. They are relatively easier to maintain as well. Women tend to go longer between washes when they have protective styles; but thanks to their spacing, Fulani braids offer an easier access to the scalp in case you need to moisturize your scalp. Moisture can be maintained using a spray, leave-in conditioner or essential oils.

If you like this lightweight hairstyle, find your local hair slayer on Ebena and book an appointment.

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Easy to maintain, less time to install, artistic
The front of hair frizz up faster
Classic length
Also known as
Tribal braids
Alicia Keys Braids
Braids with Beads
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Trendy summer hairstyle

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