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Stitch Braids

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2 hours
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Stitch Braids technique descended from Cornrows. They tend to be similar to the thick and thin Cornrows were also derived from cornrows. Cornrows were worn by Africans since early times. The stitch braids style emerged and raised in popularity in 2016.

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Stitch Braids are plaited by dividing the hair into approximately five to seven horizontal lines down the head. A minor thin line of hair is cut out and left to run parallel the major one.

The Stitch Braids evolved from styles like Ghana Braids and Feed-in Cornrows. However, in stitch braiding, the thick lines of hair are sectioned into elegant box shapes of hairy razor-straight lines. Holding pomade is applied to every line of hair. It is also applied to the bottom of the roots of these sections. All strands of hair are aligned in place by the pomade.

Special hair-friendly hair-bands are used to loop the sections at the roots. The outcome is elegant square ponytails. Plaiting is done the same way as in other braids. When braiding, the stylist picks the tiny ponytails, just as they would pick small portions of hair, in regular braiding. Feeding-in of choice natural or high-quality synthetic extension is done to add body to these thick cornrows, just as in the Ghana braids and feed-in braids.

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The thin sections of hair are not subjected to the same rubber band looping or feeding-in with extensions as the major ones are. Instead, they are simply plaited into regular cornrows. One can opt to braid the whole head with all thick lines only, or, have some thin cornrows in between the thick rubber-band stitched ones.

The magnificence of the Stitch Braids is in the final neat and unique look. One can opt to add decorative beads to some braids.

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More about Stitch Braids

Length retention. Lightweight. Minimal shedding. Perfect for beginners. Promotes hair growth. Style lasts longer than other cornrow styles
Rubber bands can cause hair breakage and loss.
Mid back length
Shoulder length
Waist length
Also known as
Invisible Cornrows
No-Knot Cornrows
Elastic Braids
Additional info
Stitch braids are a good alternative to cornrows and can transform your appearance. You will be delighted by the hairstyle.

The rubber bands that are left in the braids and the holding pomade ensure that the hair stays fresher for longer than its counterparts do.

Professional stylists ensure that the elastic bands are not visible. They produce a remarkable and charming effect and will be just right for attending any social function.

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