Passion Twists


Passion twists are a relatively new protective style. The self-taught stylist, Kailyn Rogers came up with passion twists in January of 2018. Passion twists are loved because of the style’s fresh, beachy, and relaxed aesthetic.

Known online as The Boho Babe, Rogers created the style on a whim. She wanted to create something new and carefree. It was from this that the passion twist style was born.

Effortless, gorgeous twists look good on everyone. Style lasts 1 to 2 months. Low cost if you do the twists yourself.
The twists can be heavy, causing neck pain. Easy to make twists too tight, causing traction alopecia and hair loss throughout the scalp. Expensive if you want your passion twists done professionally.
Classic length
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Avg. Price:
$ 125
Lasts on average:
2 months
Avg. Time:
8 hours

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Passion twist full tutorial! 2018 by the creator of passion twist

What Are Passion Twists?

Passion twists are a much less uniform form of Senegalese twists. In fact, they are a marriage between Senegalese twists and goddess locs to achieve a bohemian type of twist.

One unique component of the style is the hair used to create it. Rogers uses Freetress Water Wave Braiding Hair, which is normally used for only crochet. This passion twists hair averages $6.99 a pack, and Rogers suggests anywhere from 7 to 10 packs of hair depending on the volume you want out of your style.

Passion Twists lasts anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months and can cost you $125 and up. The twists can be quite costly depending on the stylist’s speed and your desired twist size and length.

How to Do Passion Twists?

Passion twists may seem like a daunting task but achieving them is fairly simple. As Rogers told The Zoe Report, “if you can do a two-strand twist, you can do passion twists.” According to Rogers, who came up with the style, passion twists should start the same way traditional Senegalese (2-Strand) twists are. However, the key is in the tension used as the section is twisted down.

  1. Prep your hair thoroughly.
  2. Part your hair.
  3. Take some of the Passion Twist hair and slightly separate it.
  4. Take a section of parted hair and split it in half.
  5. Finish off by leaving the ends of the style curly and loose.

Passion twist tutorial – no rubber bands | Slim Reshae

1. Prep your hair thoroughly

This step includes all the basics necessary before taking on a protective style. This means washing, conditioning, moisturizing, and preferably blow drying your hair beforehand.

With passion twists having such a loose and almost “undone” appearance, leaving your hair in its natural state without blow drying it may make blending it into the twist difficult. You’ll want to make sure it won’t be easy for your hair to slip out or become unraveled from the twist.

2. Part your hair

Separate the hair into the number of sections and size of twists you would like.

3. Take some of the Freetress hair and slightly separate it.

Just enough to fluff it a bit, but not too much that it will mess up the curl pattern. You’ll want to take as much as necessary for the sized twist you’re looking to create.

4. Take a section of parted hair and split it in half

Take the Freetress hair and place it in between, making sure it’s folded in half. Begin to two-strand twist the hair into your hair normally as you would any other twist.

Once you reach the point where your hair ends, however, you’ll want to switch up your twisting technique. While twisting the hair down, you should periodically pull the two sections of the twist taut to create the rugged structure of the passion twist.

The tension gives it the signature passion twist look and adds to the security of the twist.

5. Finish off by leaving the ends of the style curly and loose

Dipping or burning the ends of the hair is not necessary. This method mentioned above for installing the passion twists is the originator, Kailyn Roger’s method. However, another common technique for installing the twists is through the crochet method. For this method, you’ll want a crochet hook.

Begin by following steps 1-2 from above. Instead of splitting the hair in half, either braid your sections of hair or use a rubber band to secure the roots of all your parts. Next, you’ll want to fold your Freetress hair in half and secure the crochet hook around the center.

Slide the crochet hook through the center of the root of your parts that have been either rubber banded or braided. Then, slide one-half of the Freetress hair through so that the hair is on either side of your real hair.

Now you can detach the crochet hook. Proceed by twisting in the Freetress hair with your real hair as you would in the traditional passion twist method.

Are Passion Twists Versatile?

The style can be done in many lengths and sizes to create the perfect look for you.

Passion twists can be very versatile as they can also create multiple passion twists hairstyles, including buns, ponytails, or half up half down hairstyles.

How Long Do Passion Twists Last?

Passion twists can last you for up to 2 months; however, there has been debate over how long-lasting the style truly is. Due to the style’s messy and undone look, the twists can become even more unkempt as the weeks go by. Also, it can be easy for your real hair to slip out of the twists and be exposed.

Some people think this may add to the messy aesthetic of the twists, but others may not find this to be the most flattering. To keep the twist’s freshness, be sure to sleep with a silk bonnet or headscarf to help with longevity.

Who Are Passion Twists Suitable For?

Passion twists will be great for coarser hair textures ranging from 3C to 4A as these textures can more easily stay coiled within the twists and handle the slight tension involved with the hairstyle.

The twists should not be very taxing on sensitive scalps, but it will involve some manipulation that can be uncomfortable. Make sure your stylist is not twisting too tightly, as this can lead to breakage and hair loss.

When to Wear Passion Twists?

Passion twists are a great hairstyle for any time of the year, but many will opt to wear them in warmer months as they create a cute summer hairstyle.

Pros and Cons


  • Passion twists are a new and unique hairstyle. As passion twists have only recently emerged onto the hair scene, they are still very new. The unique hairstyle may be a good alternative to some of the older protective twisted styles.
  • Passion twists are a low manipulation protective hairstyle. Passion twists give you the ability to give your hair a break for a few weeks. This creates low manipulation for your hair which makes this a good protective style.


  • Passion twists won’t behave well in water. These twists will not hold your hair in as easily. By getting your hair wet, your natural hair may revert and begin to be exposed outside of the twists. This could potentially ruin the hairstyle.
  • Passion twists take a while to install. Depending on how many twists you would like and how big you would like them to be, passion twists can take an average of 8 hours to install.
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