Nubian Twists


As with many two-strand twist styles, Nubian twists can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Egyptian art has several engravings and hieroglyphics where twisted hairstyles are shown. The modern Nubian twist trend became popular in the 2000s with the introduction of special hair extensions.

Promotes hair growth; Length retention; Lightweight; Versatility
Can cause hair breakage; Uses special hair extensions; Long installation and removal process
Classic length
Collarbone length
Ear length
Neck length
Shoulder length
Spring twists
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Avg. Time:
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What Are Nubian Twists?

Nubian twists are a two-strand twist hairstyle similar to Kinky twists and Marley twists. Nubian twists use a special hair type of hair extension called Nubian hair to achieve the look. The hair creates a more defined two-strand twist that can resemble a spring.

Nubian twists are small and worn short, generally no longer than the shoulder. Despite the length, the style is versatile and can be worn down or in a half-up, half-down style. Accessories can also be added to the hair.

Nubian Twist + Full Details!

The type of hair needed for Nubian twists is fairly lightweight and soft. The installation and removal process can be time-consuming. Nubian twists can be worn for up to two months with proper care.

Nubian hair is a much more coiled pattern compared to other hair extensions used for twists and braids. This type of hair also has less of a shiny appearance, allowing it to mimic natural hair's look and feel more closely. They are comparable to Kinky twists but use different extensions, producing a different end appearance.

How to do Nubian Twists?

Installing Nubian twists can take up to 6 hours but has a similar process as Kinky twists.

  1. Like Kinky twists, the Nubian twists installation begins by starting a braid. When doing this, you connect the extension hair to your hair and secure it at the root of your hair. This makes it harder for the twists to just slip out or detach.
  2. After braiding the hair for about three stitches down, you will separate the hair into two pieces.
  3. Then, all there is left to do is two-strand twist the rest of the way down.

The Nubian twists hair that is needed for Nubian twists is fairly lightweight and soft, which helps with less tangling and makes installation easier. Despite that, the installation and removal process can be quite time-consuming.
If you'd like to opt for a faster process, consider giving the crochet method a try.

Your stylist can either cornrow your natural hair down or separate it into individual plaits with his method. Then, pre-twisted Nubian twists can be crocheted into your hair using a crochet hook. Nubian hair isn't as easily accessible at all times, but Pre-twisted Nubian twist hair can be found online at a reasonable price.

How to install Nubian twists on natural hair| mini twists with extensions

Are Nubian Twists Versatile?

Since Nubian twists are typically worn shorter, that can limit the number of styles you can achieve with them. If you're looking for a style that will allow for more updos, Nubian twists may make it more difficult. However, despite the length, the style can be versatile.

You can mix up your looks by introducing the half-up, half-down style. They can also just be worn down, which is a great look as well. Accessories can also be added to the hair for an extra bit of personal style and uniqueness.

How Long Do Nubian Twists Last?

Although Nubian twists take a while to install, if the struggle is worth the reward for you, then you may not mind considering Nubian twists can be worn up to two months with proper care.

Some people prefer to wash their scalps during protective styles, and some styles will make it difficult. The water can weigh the styles down and make it quite uncomfortable, but since Nubian twists are lightweight, they reduce this issue. If you plan to cleanse your scalp while having Nubian twists, just be gentle.

Applying a leave-in conditioner and tying your hair with a silk scarf will help with frizzing and moisture.

Who Is the Style Suitable For?

Nubian twists are great for most hair types. Coarser hair textures ranging from 3C to 4A natural hair, as well as relaxed hair, will do well with the hairstyle.
If you tend to have a more sensitive scalp, then Nubian twists may be uncomfortable for you. The twists begin as a braid; therefore, it will involve some tightness to your scalp when installing them. Even if your stylist installs them with absolute care, sensitive scalps might feel tenderness due to all the tugging and manipulation done to it.

When to Wear Nubian Twists?

Nubian twists are a great style to wear year-round in all temperatures. The length, size, and natural appearance they give can even make them a suitable protective style for the workplace. However, like with any twisted or braided protective style, Nubian twists will do great in warmer weather. The style will allow your scalp to breathe during the hotter months.

Difference between spring twist and Nubian twist hair

Pros and Cons of Nubian Twists


  • Nubian twists are a low manipulation style. Nubian twists are a good choice for a low manipulation style that will protect your hair for a couple of months. Low manipulation protects your hair from breakage that you would typically experience from constant manipulation and styling.
  • Nubian twists are a long-lasting style. Since they can be worn for up to 2 months, your hair will thank you for leaving it alone for a while to flourish on its own. Also, the style will help you save time on doing your hair every day.
  • They look and feel natural. The special Nubian hair that Nubian twists require lacks the normal sheen most extension hair has. This, along with the softness, will aid in your hair looking and feeling completely natural.
  • They are a good style for transitioning hair. Nubian twists are a great style for relaxed hair; they also do wonders for transitioning hair. The low manipulation from this protective style will allow your natural hair to outgrow your permed hair more quickly. Also, since styling transitioning hair can be a hassle, having this protective style can help tremendously.


  • They require a long installation/ takedown process. Nubian twists can take up to 6 hours to have installed and take a considerable amount of time to take out. If you're not a fan of a long installation process, this style may not be your first choice.
  • They use a special type of extension hair. Nubian extension hair is by no means impossible to find, but it may be easier to find other types of more common extension hair. Consider that when deciding on this hairstyle.
  • They can cause breakage. If your twists are installed correctly, you shouldn't have a problem with this. However, if your twists are installed too tightly, then you could suffer from breakage from the tension.
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