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Nubian Twists

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6 hours
Nubian Twists Nubian Twists Nubian Twists Nubian Twists Nubian Twists Nubian Twists

As with many two-strand twist styles, Nubian twists can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. The trend became popular in the 2000’s with the introduction of special hair extensions.

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Nubian twists are a two-strand twist hairstyle similar to Kinky twists and Marley twists. Nubian twists use a special hair type of hair extension called Nubian hair to achieve the look. The hair creates a more defined two-strand twist that can resemble a spring.

Nubian twists are small and worn short, generally no longer than the shoulder. Despite the length, the style is versatile and can be worn down or in a half up, half down style. Accessories can also be added to the hair.

The type of hair needed for Nubian twists is fairly lightweight and soft. The installation and removal process can be time-consuming. Nubian twists can be worn up to two months with proper care.

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Promotes hair growth; Length retention; Lightweight; Versatility
Can cause hair breakage; Uses special hair extensions; Long installation and removal process
Classic length
Collarbone length
Ear length
Neck length
Shoulder length
Also known as
Spring twists

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