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Micro Braids

Micro braids
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8 hours
Micro Braids Micro Braids Micro Braids Micro Braids Micro Braids Micro Braids

As with many braiding styles, micro braids originated in parts of Africa many centuries ago. The modern-day trend began in the 1990s thanks to celebrities such as Brandy from the hit TV show Moesha.

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Micro braids are a style that has continued to be a popular choice for women. Micro braids are tiny, single braids. The braids can become so tiny, they may not appear as braids at all. Micro braids are often created using human hair extensions, though they can be created using synthetic hair. The hair at the end of the braids are generally left loose.

Because the braids are tiny, it often takes many hours to complete, sometimes upwards to 12 hours. If done professionally, many stylists will have an extra set of hands to decrease the installation time. Micro braids can last for several months with occasional retouches.

There is also the issue for hair damage due to the size of the braids. If micro braids are installed too tight, it can cause hair breakage. Wearing micro braids too often can lead to hair loss. It is best to have a professional stylist install micro braids to prevent hair damage.

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Long-lasting; Promotes hair growth; length retention; versatility; Low maintenance
Hair breakage; Hair loss; Long installation time; Expensive
Armpit length
Bra strap length
Classic length
Shoulder length
Also known as
Mini Braids

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