Lace Front Wig


Wigs date back to ancient Egypt where various animal furs and even feathers were used for beauty purposes and to hide hair loss according to Wealthy Hair.  As the natural hair movement has gained popularity, wigs have become en vogue as a protective style and as a way to add variety to hair aesthetics. 

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Undetectable, more natural appearance, lighter on hair, styling options, can disguise conditions like alopecia or hair thinning, comfortable, allows the scalp to breathe
Better quality wigs can be costly, can damage hair if installed improperly or left on too long.
Classic length
Lace front,Lace frontal
Hair extensions and weaves
Avg. Price:
$ 180
Lasts on average:
3-12 months
Avg. Time:
2 hours

A lace front is a wig, where hair is attached to a cap that is made of a sheer material known as "lace" and then adhered to the scalp with glue or tape, according to Wealthy Hair. Lace frontals can either be bonded or sewn. The wig can be placed behind or in front of the natural hairline.