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Havana Twists

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Havana Twists Havana Twists Havana Twists Havana Twists Havana Twists Havana Twists

Havana twists originated as recently as 2013 in part due to the hair website Fingercomber. The style is similar to Marley twists.

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Havana twists join a long line of twisted styles that natural women adore. The popularity of Havana twists is growing due to its resemblance to natural hair texture. 

Havana twists use a special type of hair extension from Fingercomber called Havana hair which typically costs about $12 per pack. It has a more kinky, coarser texture that differs from most types of hair extensions. Havana twists are often called Marley twists and many women use the terms interchangeably.

There is a slight difference in Havana twists and Marley twists in that Havana twists tend to be larger and thicker than Marley twists. Despite the thickness and kinkiness of the hair, Havana twists is lightweight. This makes the hairstyle perfect for the summer season. While Havana twists can be installed above shoulder-length, most women opt to have their twists at or below shoulder-length. Havana twists can be worn down or up in a high ponytail or bun.

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Natural hair texture; Versatility; Prevents hair breakage; Easy to install and remove; Short installation time; Length retention; Promotes hair growth
Pricey hair extensions that can only be found online; Twists can unravel depending on hair type
Armpit length
Shoulder length

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