Havana Twists


Havana twists originated as recently as 2013 in part due to the hair website FingerComber. The style is similar to Marley twists; however, the only difference is the type of twisting hair used. FingerComber is the only seller of Havana hair so that it can be accredited with the origin of the style.

Natural hair texture; Versatility; Prevents hair breakage; Easy to install and remove; Short installation time; Length retention; Promotes hair growth
Pricey hair extensions that can only be found online; Twists can unravel depending on hair type
Armpit length
Shoulder length
Marley Twists
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Avg. Price:
$ 120
Lasts on average:
8 weeks
Avg. Time:
4 hours

What are Havana Twists?

Havana twists are thick twists that come in various lengths. They join the long line of twisted styles that natural women adore. The popularity of Havana twists is growing due to its resemblance to natural hair textures.

Havana twists use a special type of hair extension from FingerComber called Havana hair, which typically costs about $13 per pack. It has a more kinky, coarser texture that differs from most types of hair extensions.

Havana twists are often called Marley twists, and many women use the terms interchangeably. Although, there is a slight difference in Havana twists and Marley twists in that Havana twists tend to be larger and thicker than Marley twists.

How to – Havana twist

How to do Havana Twists?

If you know how to do Senegalese twists, then chances are Havana twists will be easy to catch onto. Both twists use the same technique for installation.

  1. Start by making sure your hair is fully prepped. Your hair needs to be washed, detangled, and preferably stretched. You'll want to follow this up by making sure your hair is thoroughly moisturized. Assuming that you will have this style up for a few weeks, starting on a moisturized base is important for the health of your hair. Using either Shea Moisture's Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie or the line's Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Leave-In Conditioner are great choices for optimal moisture.
  2. Part your hair into at least an inch-sized section of hair to begin your twist. You can skip making your parts neat if that isn't important to you. Although, if you care to make your parts extra crisp, you should consider adding a firm holding gel or pomade. The Crème of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Extra Hold pomade may be a good option for this.
  3. Split your hair into two parts and then, using your desired size of Havana hair, split that in half as well. Fold the Havana hair in half and place it in between the two sections of your hair. Make sure both sides of the Havana hair are falling into both sections of your hair.
  4. Beginning with one side of Havana hair that is intertwined with your own, begin twisting counterclockwise. Create this same motion with the opposite side making sure you're twisting the Havana hair with your natural hair.
  5. Then, take both sides and twist them with each other counterclockwise.
  6. Now continue twisting down the length of the Havana hair, and make sure you are tucking your hair in with the Havana hair. Now you have successfully completed a Havana twist.

Jumbo Havana/rope twists tutorial – rubber band method

Are Havana Twists Versatile?

Havana twists offer up immense versatility. The twists can be installed in different lengths, colors, and sizes. Some will choose to have their Havana twists jumbo, while you can also go for medium and smaller sizes.

While Havana twists can be installed above shoulder length, most women opt to have their twists at or below shoulder length. Havana twists can be worn down or up in a high ponytail or bun.

How Long Do Havana Twists Last?

Havana twists are a long-lasting style. The twists can last you up to 8 weeks. Wearing them past eight weeks isn't recommended as it can compromise the health of your hair and scalp. However, you may have to do some maintenance on the hair.

Twists are known to unravel or slip out, which can easily be re-twisted.

Who Are Havana Twists Suitable For?

These twists are a great choice for coarser hair types ranging from 3A to 4C. As these twists are prone to slip out, the coarser the hair is, the better to ensure they stay in place.

Also, for more sensitive scalps, this style should be fine since the twists shouldn't be applied too tightly. However, the twisting installation will cause tension on your hair and is something to think about when receiving the style.
When to Wear Havana Twists?

Despite the thickness and kinkiness of the hair, Havana twists are lightweight. This makes the hairstyle perfect for the summer season. Havana twists, however, can be worn year-round if you'd like.

How to Havana Marley twist like a pro | invisible roots

Pros and Cons?


  • The twists are a low manipulation protective style. Havana twists are a good choice for a low manipulation style to give your hair a break from everyday styling. Also, this style is very protective as it will protect your hair from roots to tip. The most you'll have to do to keep up with your hair's health is cleanse it a couple of times and oil your scalp with your oil of choice to promote growth.
  • The twists take less time than many braided protective styles. If you aren't a fan of sitting in a salon chair for most of your day, this style might be good for you. Havana twists can be installed in 4 hours.
  • The twists are long-lasting. Havana twists are meant to be able to last up to 8 weeks. This makes the style quite long-lasting. If you want a style that will allow you some time away from tussling with your hair day in and day out, this might be an option for you.


  • The twists may unravel. Due to how these twists are installed not being the sturdiest, the twists are known to slip out. Your whole head should not come falling out, but you may notice some of your twists beginning to unravel the longer you have them in. You can always re-twist it, but this isn't ideal if you want a completely hands-free protective style.
  • The twists' extension hair can only be found on one website. Unlike other protective styles that are much more flexible with the extension hair necessary for the style, Havana twists must use the specified Havana hair to be authentic. Havana twists hair is a very realistic type of twisting hair; however, it is not easily accessible. The hair can not be purchased at your local beauty supply store. Havana hair can only be purchased on the FingerComber website. Other than that inconvenience, the hair is also pricey. The hair sells for $13, and it usually requires more than a few packs to complete the style.
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