Faux Locs


Faux locs are, as their name suggests, fake dreadlocks that are achieved without allowing human hair to lock on itself and which can be removed without having to cut off all of the locked hair. 

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Dreadlocks are believed to have been worn as far back as 2,500 BCE where sculptures depict the Hindi goddess, Shiva, with hair that resembles dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are also associated with biblical times. According to Fashion Week, the character Samson is believed to have worn and derived his strength from dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are prevalent in the Rastafarian culture, where it is believed that uncombed hair can prevent energy from escaping the body. 

Dreadlocks are still worn today by celebrities including Whoopi Goldberg, Zendaya Coleman and Megan Good. They can also be seen on male celebrities like Will.I.Am, Richard Sherman and Malcolm Jamal-Warner. 

Protective--requires little to no manipulation of actual hair once style is installed; Long lasting; Can achieve a variety of styles (buns, ponytails, etc);
Does not work as well on straighter textures (easier to slip off); If braiding method is chosen can take a very long time; Can be heavy; Prone to frizz
Armpit length
Bra strap length
Classic length
Collarbone length
Ear length
Neck length
Shoulder length
Waist length
Locs, Faux dreadlocks, Synthetic dreadlocks, Goddess locs
Avg. Price:
$ 180
Lasts on average:
3 months
Avg. Time:
12 hours

Faux locs can be achieved in multiple ways. The hair can be braided or twisted first, then yarn or braiding hair is wrapped around the existing braid. For a faster method, the hair can be cornrowed, then packs of ready-made faux locs can be crocheted into the hair like regular crochet braids.  Another method is to crochet unbraided marley hair into the cornrows and then wrap additional hair around the marley hair (similar to the first method). Yarn or hair can also be wrapped around unbraided, stretched natural hair for a smaller loc

To maintain faux locs, the scalp should be oiled regularly and washed with either a diluted form of regular shampoo or dreadlock shampoo. Do not wash locs more than twice a week as that will cause frizz and the shampoo used should be residue-free.