Stitch Braids With No Rubber Bands

Credit to: DOPEaxxPANA

In this tutorial, we will show you the steps to achieve beautiful Stitch Braids with no rubber bands by BreAunna Renee.

Stitch braid tutorial

To achieve this look we recommend using: Creme of Nature Argan Oil Edge Control and two packs of 100% Kanekalon braiding hair.

First, start out by applying edge control along the root of the Stitch braids and gently comb into the hair using a rat tail comb. Be gentle because you are using a rat tail comb and you rarely want to comb out someone's hair with a rat tail comb. Make sure that is detangled prior to doing this. You want to gently run the edge control through the hair.

To start off the stitch braids, part a very small section of the hair, and this will be the section to use to start the stitch braids. You will braid this section at least three to four times before picking up any hair for the stitch.

For the braids, cross 3 or 4 times and then create the first stitch using your pinky fingernail and parting a small section of hair that you pulled in. For the first two stitches, do not add any fake hair.

Next, feed in the synthetic hair on one side of the head. On that side, add a piece of synthetic hair right in between your pointer and your thumb finger and that synthetic hair is going to fall into place with the braids.

So you can add it there and the middle piece is going to fall in with the middle section. The key to getting really nice stitch braids is making sure that any time that you pull in hair, it is only hair that has been parted by your finger.

Typically, when you are doing a regular feed-in or french braids you are just randomly picking up hair. With the stitch braids, you want to make sure that as you are braiding, you are only grabbing hair that has been stitched and pulled in.

Use an edge control that is not too firm so that it does not make the hair super stick together. You want the hair to be somewhat flexible so you are able to part it with your finger and pull it in, but you also want the hair to be sleek. To get that result, you can use the Creme of Nature Argan edge control instead of a Hicks gel or beeswax. Those latter will make it a lot harder to manipulate on the hair.

To make sure your stitch braids are super neat you want to make sure that when you are partying with your finger for the stitch, try to get the hair that you're parting the same size. Sometimes when you rush it, the hair parts might no be even or be the same sizes. So, take your time and make sure you part each one the same size, to make the braids look super neat!

For the small braids, take the end of them and add them to the end of the Stitch braids. Always do the small braids before you do the Stitch braids because it makes it a lot easier. Make sure that you are not grabbing unnecessary hair because everything is already pre sectioned off for you. So that's a great way to save some time and just prevent stray hair from getting into your Stitch braids.

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Credit to: DOPEaxxPANA

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