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Get Ebena Pro for $9.99 /month

Scheduling & Appointment Booking for Hair Professionals

Collect deposits and payments from your clients

What do you get with Ebena Pro?

Price & fees

$9.99 /month

Get your 1st month for $9.99 FREE

Reduced booking fees $4.99 $1.99

List your hair services and prices

Collect deposits for hair appointments

Accept credit card payments

Manage your appointment calendar

View your income reports

All-in-One Calendar

Get complete control over your hair business

You can't be available to your clients 24/7, but Ebena can. Let clients connect with your hair salon and book appointments with no interruption to your day.

The easier you make it for clients to book, the more they will book with you. Present your services and your availability online, and clients select the slot that best suits them. It's that simple. You get more control and a fuller schedule - with no phone calls.

Reduce no-shows

Get your clients to commit

Ebena's automatic reminders and customizable cancellation policy help clients commit to the appointments they've made and make sure you get paid for your time. You can also mark no-shows or block clients for even more control.

Collect Deposits and Payments

Lock your appointments with Deposits

With Ebena Pro you can make your client pay a deposit before booking an appointment. You can set the deposit to a fixed amount or a percentage of the services cost.

Ebena Pro not only gets you cashless payments, it's also fast and more secure for you and your clients. Simply Share your link with the client and collect your deposit or payment in one click. Done!

Acquire new customers fast

Rank higher in search

Ebena Pro ranks your business page higher in search engines on Ebena website or Google search. Putting you on top of the list means that customers can find you easier.

Your account comes with a public profile, as well as Instagram and Facebook widgets to connect your social media account. All of these let clients check your services and availability, view your work, connect to social media pages and read reviews from real clients.

Avoid Double Booking

Manage your time smarter

Ebena smart-calendar helps you avoid double booking. Whether you add an appointment yourself or let clients book directly, the Ebena Pro calendar helps you avoid two clients booking at the same time.

Manage your clients records

Keep in touch with your clients

Ebena contains fully searchable database of clients with many filtering options. Keep everything you need to know about clients in one spot. Track appointment history, reduce no shows, retain clients, add private notes and easily see the status of every appointment with our advanced client database.