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You are invited to become a Preferred Stylist

Many clients contact us everyday, looking for trusted stylists recommendations. We want to send them your way.

What is an Ebena Preferred Stylist?

A preferred stylist is a hair professional handpicked by our staff at Ebena to serve local clients in your region. As a preferred stylist, we refer you primarily to customers searching your area for appointment bookings.

What are the requirements?

We value our clientele, and we want it to get the best experience when they book appointments through Ebena. In order to keep customer satisfaction up, there are a few criteria to meet to be a preferred stylist

1. Post at least one hair service with pictures and accurate prices

2. Connect your payment account on to receive deposits.
There is no charge for connecting your payment account.

3. Get your account verified by uploading a valid ID on your profile

4. Keep your customer ratings above 3 stars on your hairstylist profile

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Are you eligible?

If you have not received an invitation by email but you feel you are eager to provide quality services to clients in your area, let us know.
Email us at or send us a text message at 872-333-2362