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#ITriedEbena Selfie contest. Stylists' Reference.




Dear Ebena stylists,


We hear from you everyday and we are committed to seeing you succeed both as stylists and as entrepreneurs. You joined Ebena to reach out to a larger audience and to take your business to the next level, this is why we have decided to start a series of actions designed to bring more business your way; including the #ITriedEbena Instagram contest.

The contest is initiated to encourage the audience to find stylists like you and actively contact you or book your services using Ebena.
This is how the contest works:

1. Clients find you and contact you using Ebena.
2. You do their hair at your regular rates (any discount offer is yours to decide.)
3. Clients will post selfies of their new hairdo on their Instagram feed using the #ITriedEbena hashtag.
4. Every week, Ebena will randomly select a winner who will be rewarded the monetary amount of $20 (US Dollars) for using Ebena.




Q: How can I use this contest to my advantage?
A: Stylists may benefit from this campaign in a couple of ways.
- Repost the contest ad and invite your client to take advantage of the opportunity when they use your services.
- You may ask clients to tag you on their selfie post as well.


Q: As a stylist how am I participating to this contest?
A: Stylists may not be entrants in this contest. As a stylist, your part will be to provide your best services to the clients at your rates.


Q: Are you asking Ebena Stylists to give a $20.00 discount to my clients from Ebena?
A: No, we encourage you to provide your best services to Ebena clients at your normal rates. Every week we will reward a randomly selected entrant the amount of $20.00 for using Ebena to find a stylist. The promotion ends on September 9th, 2017.


Ideas to get the most value from this promotion.

• Invite your clients to participate in the contest as an incentive to get a new hairdo.

• We truly hope this campaign will bring more traffic and business your way.

• Ebena will continue to work hard to bring you as much value as possible.

• Remember to add and share your Ebena link on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter profiles to let more clients find your services.

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