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3 ways to grow your clientele with quality customer service

India | Mon, 10/23/2017 - 04:05

Being a hair stylist means endless hours spent in the salon, lots of conversation, and keeping up with trends that constantly change by definition of celebrities and influencers. With hair stylists already breaking their back to stick to their own schedules, it’s even harder sometimes to provide the best customer service to your client. It’s not intentional. You just can’t seem to find the time to do it all. Although customer service makes up a huge part of your growth, (returning customers, referrals, etc) most days you are grasping the clock with both hands to squeeze out something, if not anything, for yourself.

Hence, the age of technology is new and improved. There are more ways to be accessible to your clients and growing community. Maybe you have a website or booking platform you use. (Try Ebena!) Or maybe you are the less techy type and prefer to text or use your Google Calendar to keep up with everything. The truth is, no matter how tech savvy you think you are, your clients still need to hear from you. It’s what helps build trust and loyalty between the hair stylist and the client from beginning all the way into booking their next professional haircare service with you. Even with all the convos you and your client have while they’re in your chair, it doesn’t measure up to being a quality service provider before, during, and after they leave the shop.

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Customer service always includes providing a positive, friendly, and helpful environment to leave a great impression on your client so that they refer all of their friends and family to your seat! Doing this correctly is better said than done and can be a little intimidating to some. Your anxiety may be measuring how you can do it all without losing your mind. I assure you, it’s possible to be the best at what you do and still have enough time to get a mani and pedi from your favorite nail technician after a long day of work. So here are 3 ways to grow your client list with quality customer service from follicle to finish!


3. Be more convenient than any other hair stylist 

Something better said than done, but making your business easy and affordable is just the start. Be known for getting things done efficiently and quickly. This includes being more hands-on. Not that you don’t already have your fingers twirled in enough hair. It’s just as a business professional (or in any profession), you have to be more than a text, an email address, or a website. You can’t assume that you have stellar services when you lack the ability to communicate effectively with your clients. Having a firm voice behind your services sets you apart and shows your potential and current clients that you’re not too busy to hear them out. You’d be surprised by how many clients find it rude when they reach out to you just to receive a link. Even if you don’t intentionally mean it, it comes off as “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have time.” Keep your clients looped into the process by reassuring them that you are available to give them more than what your competition offers. Everyone has a link. Everyone has a booking platform. What do you have that your competition doesn’t?

2. Treat every client like they are a high-end customer

It is important to provide the best haircare service every single time. When the client feels special they’ll give more to your business. Treating your clients like they matter prompts more tips, referrals, great testimonials, and a community of supporters of your passion. With most services nowadays being sold through social media platforms like Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook; it is necessary for you to have a tribe of clients and admirers who like, share, and post content pertaining to your styles and service in order to give your salon credibility. You can also give your new and engaged online/offline clients discounts on services during holidays, seasons, or just because to turn your credibility up a notch. You want all your clients to feel included so make sure that whatever you give is something that you can do efficiently and every single time with every single client.


1. Build trust with your clients

Most people that sit in salon chairs share their lives with you. Don’t forget to share yours a little too. You don’t have to give them every part of you, but if they can come into your place of work and pour their hearts out, it’s kudos for you when you reach out and show compassion for the things your client cares about too. This not only develops the trust between client and hair stylist but also shows that you are responsive and care about your business and others. Following up after the appointment tells the client that you are there for both hair care and welfare. Every client must believe in your services and feel comfortable with you from start to finish and then after. Break down those walls of concern by building a solid relationship on communication and delivery.

Your job is never done as a hair stylist. The hair industry is constantly growing, and innovative ways to get in front of your competitors are out there. There are many different ways to do this in person or over an internet connection. Create a social media campaign with a catchy hashtag for your clients, host a customer appreciation day at the salon, or upgrade a service for free. Never stop trying to make things better than great for your clients. Quality customer service is noticeable and distinguishes your services from any other. Always give your best, and your client list is sure to expand!