Grow Longer Hair: Ten Superfoods to Boost Your Hair Growth

The health of your hair depends on what you eat! Like any part of the body, your mane needs nutrients to grow and stay healthy. All foods, as long as they are healthy and natural, are suitable for the whole body, but some bring more benefits to the hair. Discover the 10 foods that protect your hair and stimulate their growth.

8 superfoods for strong fast-growing hair + what I eat for healthy hair | natural hair

10. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes not only tastes great but also have a positive effect on our hair. The vegetable contains beta-carotene, an antioxidant which is especially beneficial for our scalp. It helps prevent the formation of dandruff and also ensures that our mow does not look brittle or dry.

Extremely healthy, tasty and conjures beautiful hair at the same time – what does a woman want more? Not only your hair is provided with essential nutrients by the culinary multivalent, but also your whole body would benefit.

9. Red Meat

If you happen to suffer from thinning hair, you should re-arrange your diet plan by adding more leaned red meat to your meal, because iron deficiency is one of the leading factors that is preventing your hair from growing actively.

8. Broccoli 

The green vegetables not only have a few calories but are also high on the menu when it comes hair growth. Whether as a soup, roasted or in the vegetable pudding: with a daily portion of broccoli you will miss your hair an effective beauty treatment.

7. Almonds

Almonds are a great snack for those who care about their health. They are full of healthy fats and proteins. Together, these nutrients can prevent food craving habit.

But almonds are also excellent for hair growth because they abound with biotin, a nutrient bound to hair growth. To see results, consume a handful of almond every day for almost two months.

6. Eggs

Eggs are the ideal source of high-quality organic protein as well as good fats, they nourish the hair and fortify the scalp as well as hair follicles. Their protein content helps, in particular, to promote the production of keratin, which is an essential component of the hair, and thus to stimulate their growth.

5. Oysters

Either you love them, or you hate them.  If you are lover of oyster, you will experience faster hair growth because oysters are full of zinc, a nutrient that can prevent hair loss and scalp health problems

4. Yellow peppers

Since yellow peppers contain more vitamin C than oranges, they are great vegetables to consume to strengthen the hair shaft and hair follicles. Vitamin C also prevents loss and broken hair at the tips. 

3. Salmon

It is rich in proteins, vitamin D, fatty acids and especially Omega-3. These fatty acids and Omega-3 promote the production of sebum, the natural oil necessary for good lubrication of your scalp, and a deficiency can result in a dry scalp with dull hair. It also works as the body’s natural hair conditioner.

2. Nuts

Nuts are overlooked as aids to restoring hair for those losing it. One great thing about nuts is that they can be eaten as snacks anytime. Morning, noon and night, it doesn’t matter. But the great thing about it is the fact that it contains Omega-3 fatty acids which enhances hair growth.

1. Chicken

Chicken is an excellent source of high-quality protein for healthy hair!
Without the right amount of protein or with low-quality protein, you should expect weak, brittle hair or loss of hair color.
Hair is composed of 91% protein. It makes sense right?

If your body isn’t getting the amount of protein it needs, it’s going to cut off the supply to the hair first.