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You Are Made For More!

India | Sun, 08/13/2017 - 21:04

There are tons of ambassadors, leaders, and people who speak on behalf of something they believe in. I speak for a brand that wants to highlight the very essence of black women. They want to encourage us to dream big, uplift us with hairstyles that speak to the GAWDS, and inspire self-love beyond the mirror. As a woman of color, I am proud to say that I, India Rochelle, am the Brand Ambassador of Ebena.

Melanin comes in many colors and shades and Ebena does a great job of bringing heritage to the identities of so many black women through their messaging. This was one of the first things that moved me towards saying “YES” to becoming their Brand Ambassador. Through hair, they show a multicultural experience that defines every shade as beautiful but also highlights that our culture as black women lies beyond looks and accomplishments. I can go on all day about things I’ve achieved, won, or made it through, but that is not what unites people. What unifies everyone within the Ebena community is that we have all shared the experience of being black and different. Just like every hairstyle isn’t for everyone, every shade should not be compartmentalized. Our many shades of differences are what we share together. Some of us have curly hair, short hair, big hair, kinky hair, long hair, frizzy or fine hair, but we are all experiencing life, hair, and culture as one.


When you scroll down Ebena’s Instagram feed, I’m sure you’ll notice how the images make you feel. You see a woman wearing Tribal Braids and you instantly think “Nubian Queen.” Then you see a woman wearing a huge afro and you say “Black Power.” Next, there is an image of a woman wearing lemonade braids and you know it’s time to get in "Formation". All of these many styles Ebena displays are uplifting and motivate women of color to embrace all of their differences by appreciating art, history, and empowerment as one.

If you are one of my followers, you must know that entrepreneurship is a wave I frequently ride. It’s not just because I want more, but because I see more. The majority of the black community struggle to own something of their own, something that they personally identify as theirs. Our arts and talents are undeniable. However, our day to day lives tells us to conform, play it safe, and stay the course if we want to have more than what life says we’re allowed to obtain. But deep inside, we have gifts that show us our true calling. We want to act on it, but something pulls us back outside of ourselves. Black women need to be pushed to dream bigger. Most black hair stylists do not own a salon or hair studio. But Ebena changes that. They say “YES” you can have your own business, do your own styles, and do it on your own terms. This is what I adore the most about Ebena. They are developing black hair stylist into business owners and encouraging them to dream a bigger dream. As an owner and co-founder of my own profitable businesses, I have to say that I am honored to be part of a brand that provides a solution and assistance for those who want more than just a 9-5.

There are certain things that inspire someone to want more, but the biggest attribute of them all is self-love. I believe Ebena chose me to be their Brand Ambassador because this is something I speak fluently and live every day.

Loving yourself goes beyond hair. You can choose any hairstyle you want to speak to your feelings, but you must first choose YOU. You have to know that you are the designer, creator, and artist of your own needs and wants. You have to respect that you are made to become so much more than what the world thinks of you. You also have to claim a life of abundance that you deserve. Your goals cannot be reached just by saying it. You’ve got to believe it, see it, and do it to receive it. Ebena chose me because I want to help so people in our community do just that. I want to leave you with this:

“I can’t say I’m conceited, but I am proud. I can’t say that I’m ashamed of my radiance because from the texture of my hair, the dialect in my voice, and my complexion; I know that I am art. I can’t say that I am Einstein, but I do have a brain. What I can say is that I am a Queen. A Queen of much understanding of my power, my beauty, and my life’s purposeful meaning.”

If you feel the same way, stand together with me and Ebena to give hairstylists and clients of color a deeper purpose. Join our growing community by signing up today to utilize one of the FIRST MOBILE HAIR APPS FOR WOMEN OF COLOR who absorb their radiance, dialect, texture, complexion, and heritage all in the same breath! Refreshing, right? Ebena is here to guide you through the process in any way we can. Let’s change the dynamic of the hair industry together! It takes a village.

Until next time, Namaste.

India Rochelle