Let your curls free! Curlfest 2018 is here

Never heard of Curlfest before? Are you still deciding whether or not to attend the event this year?

What is Curlfest?

Curlfest is a festival that celebrates the beauty of natural hair. The outdoor event gathers women and hair aficionados from all over the world. The event host; Curly Girl Collective, connects with the best and reputable beauty brands to throw events where women of color can take pride and confidence in their hair.

This annual celebration of beautiful natural hair is in the heart of Brooklyn, NY's Prospect Park. From braids to big fros and locs there is always an overload of hair inspiration.

“Being a woman of color, we need to understand that we’re dope! said one creator of the festival. Don't you think?

Well, Curlfest 2018 is happening on Saturday, July 21, 2018! So mark your calendar, and bring your friends.

Curlfest, We're Obsessed!

This is definitely an outdoor event to attend this summer 2018 – if not THE event of the summer!

Come and try new hair products

Wanna know more about the newest trends and treatments for your hair? Check out some of the Hair product companies, chat with beauty professionals, hairstylists, cosmetologists, and try some free samples.

The vendors' marketplace is open!

Curly Girl Collective brings in vendors and natural beauty partners to Curlfest 2018. If you are into fashion, accessories, and jewelry, this event is definitely for you!

Meet members of the natural hair community

Welcome to the land of curls, fros, locs, and beautiful braids. Curlfest attracts thousands of naturalistas coming together to celebrate their hair and black heritage. You can take a peek at the best styles out there or find inspiration for your next look while discussing with others.

Want to socialize? Why not?

Curlfest brings together naturalistas from all professional backgrounds. Models, designers, stylists, cosmetologists, entrepreneurs, marketers, business owners, bloggers, etc. you name it. The event gathers a beautiful and diverse crowd showing their pride in their natural look. Curlfest 2018 is no exception.

Come vibe and enjoy the cultural experience!

From jamming out during the pop-up Afro-Brazilian drumming performance to the best wobble you've ever seen, the scene in the Prospect Park is always bursting with colors, culture, solidarity, and pride!

Food, games, and fun

Bring your kids! It's a fun time for some outdoor play in the park. Also, they will be plenty of food trucks lining the event, so come hungry!

Meet social media influencers

You can stop by to meet with your favorite bloggers! Curlfest chats brought together famous bloggers, vloggers, natural hair influencers, and their audience. Social media plays a huge role in the festival. As part of the beautiful curlfest crowd, you spot attendees snapping selfies, mingling, and then sharing live stories on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Meet black-owned businesses

Get a chance to learn about new black-owned businesses. Ebena, the fast-growing community of hairstylists and braiders, is attending Curlfest 2018. We are committed to connecting women to the best hairstylists in their cities, and Brooklyn is now on our list.

Connect with beauty professionals

If you are looking to find your new natural hairstylist? This is the place to be. Many local beauticians, cosmetologists, hairdressers, mobile hairstylists also attend the event.

If you are a hair braider, beautician, cosmetologist, this a chance for you to connect with potential clients. In our article “Hairstylists: how to attract new customers,” we give you some handy tips on how to find your next clients. Besides putting yourself on the map, using Instagram, adjusting your pricing strategy, or using Ebena to promote your hair business, you should attend events like Curlfest that cater to your clientele.

Whether you are an independent hairstylist or a hair salon owner, going to Curlfest 2018 can give you good exposure, so bring those business cards just in case!

Are you attending Curlfest 2018? Here are some details

Curlfest happens every summer in Brooklyn, NY. To help you out, we have collected some information for you about the date and location.

When is Curlfest 2018? Curlfest is on Saturday, July 21, 2018.

Where is Curlfest 2018? Prospect Park – Nethermead 16th and Prospect Park Southwest, Brooklyn, NY 11125

For more information about the location and tickets visit Curlfest official website

Meet the team behind the Curly Girl Collective initiative

To finish, we would like to extend our appreciation to the founders of Curlfest. So, we did a bit of research to find who they are and learn more about them

Charisse Higgins

Charisse is the Director of Public Relations of Curly Girl Collective. She is an External Relations Specialist, Mentor, Diversity & Inclusion Champion, Family Woman, and an Island Girl, with a knack for shining a positive light.

Melody Henderson

Melody is the Creative Director at Curly Girl Collective.
With more than 20 years of experience as a creative and art director. She has served as creative leadership on various leading brands.

Tracey Coleman

Tracey is the director of events at Curly Girl Collective.
She is a Creative Marketing Consultant, Travel Blogger, Foodie, Entrepreneur, and Freelance Writer.

Simone Mair

Simone is the Director of Business Strategy at Curly Girl Collective. She is a Customer Service Systems Analyst, A Twin, An Avid Dancer, and Award-Winning Volunteer dedicated to making this world a better place.

Gia Lowe

Gia is the Director of strategic partnership at Curly Girl Collective. She is a Marketing Manager, Community Activist, Culture Geek, Music Lover with a unique gift for the right words at the right time.

Do not miss the natural hair revolution! See you in New York.