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Find and book a hair pro or braids artisan.

We believe that whether you have curly, kinky, straight hair or locs, it should be easy to find talented specialists.

For all life moments

Whether it is for a new job, a date or a party, Ebena is the best way to find a talented hair specialist.

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How it works

Step 1

Pick your style

When you go to, at the bottom of your screen,pick the hair style that you like and press GO!

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Step 2

Browse and look

Look at different services listed by the local pros on Ebena. Compare photos, prices, durations, and more.

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Step 3

Book & Show up

Pay a deposit to secure your seat at your most convenient time. You will get reminder text messages.

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Step 4

Rate & Review

After your hair appointment is over, you can rate your stylist on a 5-star scale and give feedback with a review.

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Why chose Ebena?

Start with your favorite style

We make it easy to find a talented hair specialist. Start with the styles and looks that you want and open up to a world of choices.

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Find the closest pros

Ebena is available in most of the largest urban areas and suburbs across many regions in the US! Wherever you are, wherever you go.

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We are always open for ideas, suggestions and inquiries.
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