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A beginner's guide to Ebena

Show your face.

Something you may hear very often nowadays is “Let’s take a selfie! or selfie time y’all!” According to Ebena, pages with a photo, even just one snapped shot in your backyard with nature background, receive 10 times more bookings and more page views than those without.

Nail the basics!

It is sometimes obvious, but you have to intentionally fill out your page. Use the “Bio”/ “My Story” section to grab client’s attention by describing yourself in a short, but memorable ways. For example, instead of saying “Weaves specialist”, you can try saying something like “I can help you express yourself with a glamorous look no matter your weaves.”

Put in the Time to Make it Awesome. It’s important after a client has found you that they decided to click on your page: They want to know what services you offer, how much you charge for your services, where you are located, and what other clients think of your skills. So, don’t get lazy—fill out every single section of your page. The good news is that Ebena will actually measure the “completeness” of your page and make on-screen suggestions on how to make it stronger.

As you flesh out your skills and expertise, choose a minimum of three hairstyles you are very great at to build a case for your awesomeness. Doing so will land you in the spotlight to get more and more page views on Ebena. Also, be sure to fill out the “Availability” section with your most accurate availability time. It is no coincidence that they say that time is money. Who knows, maybe it will also help you understand how you currently spend your time.

Use your real voice!

Clients are looking for humans to connect with, not synthetic-sounding clichés. Phrases like “Hair Sauce Beauty Lounge” almost sounds like they were written by a webbot. Just talk like a real human. A tiny little human touch on your page can go a long, long way!

Show your work!

You may have heard this saying before “it is at work that we recognize the artisan”. The number one thing clients are telling us they care about is the quality of the work. Who doesn't love beautiful things, there’s very little in the world that takes the breath away quite like your Ebena services pages built with care and passion with gorgeous pictures and a lovely descriptions. All of it presented with the sort of pride that befits a marvelously well-made page to demonstrate your amazing artistic ability!

Let clients know.

Ready to get more clients? Go on Ebena to create your page and make sure that all the required information—such as your details, the services you offer, and pricing information—are present to help your page stand out. Doing so tells clients that you are waiting for them to book you. Ebena also help highlight Pro pages, with good standing, on the top of the home page in a rotation-basics.

Don’t be a stranger.

Copy your Ebena link to your Instagram bio page! This will drive more clients your way.

Like all social media, Ebena also works for you best when clients interacts. Add your social media links to your Ebena page to help clients easily find and follow you. Stop by reasonably often to checkout reviews and comments from your clients and updates from Ebena. Ebena also offers a way for you to chat with clients directly on appointment pages. Stylists can see all appointment requests from one page. Go to your page and select “My Book” in the menu. If you have appointments already scheduled, you can see them on that page as well.