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A beginner's guide to Ebena

Show your face.

As an Ebena stylist, we recommend that you add a profile photo. It could be a selfie, a professional portrait, or even your business logo, clients will easily relate to you as personable. This augments your chances to get new business.

Nail the basics!

Little details count. Use the “Bio” section to grab client’s attention by describing yourself in a short, but memorable way. For example, instead of saying “Weaves specialist”, you can try saying something like “I can help you express yourself with a glamorous look no matter your weaves. ;)”

Say how you roll.

Do you travel to your clients? Do you offer goodies like free snacks or wifi? Do you accept debit cards or just cash? Some clients want to know.
Try your best to customize every section of your page.
Don't forget to fill the “My Schedule” section with your most accurate availability. Go to Menu -> My terms to edit your schedule as it changes.

Show your work!

Add your best services!
Clients want to know what services you offer, how much you charge for your services, how long it takes, where you are located, and what other clients think of your skills.

Clients say they care most about the quality of the work. Ebena pages with gorgeous pictures and a lovely descriptions of services are very successful. They tell clients that you are waiting for them to book you.

Let clients know.

Add your Ebena link to your Instagram bio page! This will drive more clients your way.
Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest are a very strong force in bringing you new clients and bookings. The more photos and images of your work you post there will lead to more followers, likes and eventually, more visits and bookings on Ebena.

Add your Instagram and Facebook links to your Ebena page to help clients easily find and follow you.

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