What are Boho Locs?

What Are Bohemian Locs?

Bohemian locs are a messier version of faux locs that utilize crochet locs, a crochet hook, and additional extension hair to create the freeform locs. Extra curly hair can be used as well in this process.

Bohemian locs are the love child hairstyle of goddess locs mixed with traditional faux locs. Also known as boho Locs, bohemian locs are a much more freeform version of the faux locs hairstyle. Neatness and crisp application are less critical with this carefree hairstyle.

A vast majority of faux locs involve neat and crisp wrapping to create the faux locs but not with bohemian locs. Some bohemian locs include additional wavy or curly hair extensions, just as goddess locs do, which is why they are known as a cross between the two types of faux locs. However, the addition of curly hair extensions is not necessary.

Boho Loc tutorial

Origin of Bohemian Locs

Bohemian locs can be traced back to the origin of traditional faux locs, which are derived from dreadlocks. Many ancient civilizations amongst several countries wore dreadlocks. They are majorly dominant in the Rastafarian culture, and modern society will often relate them to the late Rastafarian musician, Bob Marley.

Dreadlocks in the Rastafarian culture are significantly linked with biblical times, where they are led to believe that unkempt hair prevents energy from leaving one’s body.

Over the years, as many people wanted to achieve the same unique hairstyle, but without the lifelong commitment, the faux loc hairstyle was born. This hairstyle uses hair extensions to resemble the dreadlock hairstyle.

Over time, many great stylists have added their twist to the hairstyle. For example, goddess locs, butterfly locs, and now as we will discuss, bohemian locs have been created from the temporary hairstyle.

Bohemian locs have been seen on several celebrities such as Meagan Good, Ciara Wilson, Zendaya Coleman, and many others.

Boho locs install – crochet pull-through method

How do Bohemian locs differ from other locs?

Although the slight difference bohemian locs have from other faux locs has been briefly explained, let’s break it down.

Boho locs vs. Traditional Faux Locs

Bohemian Faux locs are different from traditional faux locs, mainly in their style and slightly in the application. Bohemian locs are a much more freeform version of faux locs. Yes, they still typically involve neat parts, but the locs themselves are far from uniform.

Each loc is meant to vary one from the next. With traditional locs, you are meant to wrap hair neatly and tightly around a base braid to create a smooth finish to the locs. As they wear out and become frizzy, you know it’s time to take them down. However, with bohemian locs, this is far from the case.

Boho locs begin in a frizzy state. As you wrap the hair around the base braid, it is not meant to be neat and frizz-free but instead should show some wear and distress. In this way, they are intended to resemble real dreadlocks more closely.

Another difference is in the hair that is used. Traditional faux locs typically utilize a variety of hair types, but more traditionally, Kanekalon hair is used, which gives a smooth finish.

For bohemian locs, you begin with a crochet faux loc. This takes out some of the time you’d typically use creating and covering your base braid. With bohemian locs, you can utilize pretty much any kind of crochet faux loc hair that you’d like. On top of the crochet faux locs, another type of hair is used to create a freeform appearance. You can choose from spring twist hair, wavy hair, curly hair, or Marley hair to achieve this.

Boho bob locs – distressed faux locs tutorial using spring twist hair

Boho locs vs. Goddess Locs

Bohemian goddess locs and goddess locs are very similar types of faux loc hairstyles. So similar that they are often mistaken for each other, and people may use the same name for them interchangeably. Besides the crochet application difference previously explained, the main difference between the hairstyles is in the addition of curly or wavy hair extensions.

Goddess locs will always utilize these types of extensions and Marley hair because it is a staple for the kind of loc. For goddess locs, the wavy or curly extension hair is usually added to the end of the locs. However, for bohemian locs, they do not have to utilize the additional hair for the added curly pieces in the hairstyle if the client would just prefer the faux locs alone.

If the client does want the additional curly/ wavy pieces in their hair, the difference comes in how the additional hair is inserted. There is no uniformity when adding the additional curly/wavy pieces in bohemian goddess faux locs. Sometimes it’s added to all the locs, it may skip every few locs, and periodically, the additional hair is added throughout the loc instead of just the end of the locs.

Another thing to note is that goddess locs are still typically neater than bohemian locs when applied. Bohemian locs are still the messiest and more freeform option for faux locs.

Easy 36” waist length soft bohemian locs

How to Install Bohemian Locs?

Bohemian locs can be installed in many ways to create the client’s desired look. The two main ways differ as one is the regular faux locs, while the other incorporates curly pieces throughout. However, both utilize crochet hair as that is the overall traditional method for creating the bohemian locs.

First Way

1. Make sure your hair is prepped correctly. That means it needs to be washed, conditioned, and moisturized. For this hairstyle, you may also want to blow dry your hair. Having your hair in its most stretched state will make applying your base braids easier, which helps significantly in the crochet process.

2. Section your hair into your desired parts and braid those parts into individual plaits. When you’ve done, your entire head should be covered with braids. You can use a pomade or gel to smooth down your hair when creating clean parts.

3. Take your crochet hook and loop in the faux loc hair. You can use whichever brand you would prefer, but the Bobbi Boss Nu Locs is a good option. You do this by sticking the crochet hook through your base braid, attaching the hook to the loop of the faux loc, and pulling the loop through the other side of your base braid until the hook is no longer in your hair. Detach the hook and loop your base braid through the loop and pull through tightly.

4. Now that the faux loc is secured. Unravel the faux loc far enough to where your base braid stops. Take that portion of the faux loc and wrap it around your base braid so that it covers the base braid entirely.

5. Now take your additional hair; water wave hair, spring twist hair, or Marley hair. Separate it roughly into two pieces. Take one piece of the hair and attach it to the crochet hook and pull it through the base of the faux loc. Once your hook is pulled through, detach it and pull one side of the hair through so that you have that additional hair on both sides of the faux loc.

6. Leave about two inches worth of hair on one side of the loc while your longer piece is on the other side. Take the two-inch piece and wrap it around the faux loc. Then take the longer piece and wrap it around the faux loc going in the opposite direction of the first piece. Wrap it in a freeform motion as this is what will create the actual bohemian loc appearance.

7. You can seal the end of the wrapped hair to the faux loc with a bit of nail glue to keep it in place. Keep adding more hair until the length of the faux loc has been covered thoroughly.

Second Way

1. Follow steps 1-2 from the first application method.

2. Instead of using a crochet faux loc, you’ll be using a crochet twist. The Freetress Crochet Twists are an excellent choice for this, but you can use whichever brand you’d prefer. Follow step three to install the twist.

3. If you would like to add the curly ends to your hair, take your choice of curly or wavy hair and piece your crochet hook through the bottom of your crochet twist that was previously applied. Once it is pulled through, loop in your wavy/curly hair and create a loop; pull your twist and additional hair through the loop so that a knot has been made. Now you’ve extended your twist with the additional wavy/curly hair.

4. Take more of that hair and separate it into two pieces, as you would have in the first application method. Apply it as you would steps 5-7 in the previous way. If you would like to have curly/wavy pieces left out, then gradually take those small pieces out as you wrap down the crochet twist’s length. Remember to wrap in a freeform style to keep the bohemian look. Secure as you would in step 7 of the previous method.

Bohemian locs can range anywhere from $150-$300 and up depending on your requested length. Bohemian locs can come in various lengths; however, they are typically only seen in small to medium sizes. As they become larger, they can become quite heavy and painful. Boho locs can take 5-10 hours to complete.

How to Take Down Bohemian Locs?

Removing bohemian locs can be complicated with all the additional hair and crochet hair involved. It is highly recommended that you take your time and dedicate an hour or two to take the style down safely. The last thing you want is to cut your hair.

The best way to remove the bohemian locs is to cut the loc right before you think your real hair is. Then slowly unravel from there until you can decipher your hair from the faux loc.

Once you can identify the extension hair’s base loop, you can cut it. It should altogether remove the extension hair/faux loc. However, always keep unraveling until you’re absolutely sure where you can cut as you don’t want to cut your own hair accidentally. Now, the only thing left to do is unbraid your real hair, and then you’re done!

Aftercare for faux locs is like any other protective style. Make sure you detangle and pre-poo your hair as necessary. Thoroughly wash and condition your hair afterward and prepare for your next hairstyle.

How Long do Bohemian Locs Last?

Bohemian locs are a very long-lasting hairstyle. Since these locs are meant to look worn and frizzy, they age very well. If you sleep with a bonnet or silk scarf at night and adequately maintain the locs, bohemian locs can last 2-3 months.

Pros and Cons of Boho locs?


  • Bohemian locs age very well over time. Since they are meant to look unkempt, they only look better as time goes by and the longer they are worn. The style is a long-lasting protective style. They can last up to three months with proper care.
  • Bohemian locs are a protective hairstyle. They allow you time away from daily manipulation, which then allows your hair to grow. This also makes them a very low-maintenance hairstyle.
  • Bohemian locs are currently on-trend.
  • Bohemian locs allow you to experience the joys of having dreadlocks without real commitment. You can try out the style and take it out whenever you’d like to try other hairstyles.


  • Bohemian locs can be very expensive to have installed. The price can vary from $150-$300, and you’ll find that it’ll usually be on the higher price end to have them done by a licensed stylist.
  • Bohemian locs can take hours to have installed. They can take anywhere from 5-10 hours depending on how many locs you’re having installed, what length, and how fast your stylist is.
  • Bohemian locs can be heavy on your hair and sometimes are applied too tightly. This can cause damage to your hair and scalp.