5 Valentines day gifts for him under $50

As we partied into 2018, many of us had our minds set: “I’m going to stick to my New Year’s resolution!” This year, more than ever, everyone seemed to have the same overall focuses: mind, body, soul, and stackin’ money.

As we approach Valentine’s Day; you got an interesting challenge coming up: How do I find an affordable Valentine’s Day gift for my boyfriend without breaking the bank? Welp, you’re in luck because your girl has done some research, and compiled five of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him under $50.

The Echo Dot

Powered by Alexa, the Amazon Echo allows you to have a smart assistant without committing to making a big investment. With the prevalence of Amazon, and it’s ability to retain and satisfy customers, you can’t go wrong with this purchase. The Echo is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that is easy to use and can detect voices across a room. Is your boyfriend constantly asking you questions, and making music requests?

With the Echo, he can ask those questions, order items from Amazon, play music, and even set timers all by simply asking Alexa. This is the perfect gift to keep him occupied, while you focus on yourself – it’s the best of both worlds. The Amazon Echo Dot is available for a reasonably priced $49.99.

The Dollar Shave Club

In 2018, everyone wants to “glow up,” as self-care is becoming a bigger deal for both men and women. This gift isn’t for everyone, but if it’s for your man – it’s perfect, thoughtful, and easily maintained. Think of Birch Box but for cost-efficient razors and kits to allow your man to have the best appearance (and you won’t get pricked by his facial hair).

How does this work? You begin by selecting which set you want to order, and then it’s as easy as setting up a schedule to receive refills. The refills are priced at $3, $6, or $9 a month. The best thing about this gift is it will be put to good use, it ends when you cancel it, and it fits your new budget.

Open “when” Love Letters

This gift is virtually free (literally you just need paper, pens, and envelopes), but takes times and serious thought. The overall idea is surprising your man with letters that are written and placed in envelopes (only to be opened on designated days or when the directions apply).

Some of the best examples are “Open when you are feeling tired” this would include a brief note to him about how he is going to have a great day and $5 to get a coffee or Red Bull. How thoughtful is that? The idea behind this gift is to let him know you are constantly thinking of him and appreciate all he does. The best part is that you can stretch the letters over a period, meaning these surprises will last way beyond Valentine’s Day.

The Amazon Firestick

The Amazon Firestick offers tens of thousands of channels, apps, and even Alexa! This is the perfect replacement gift if you’re not quite ready to purchase a smart TV, but want to stream content. I think of the Firestick as “every cable cutters dream.” It’s simple to hook up, and the ease of use makes it a great gift for all ages.

With a simple cable login, he will have access to YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, STARZ, Showtime, Netflix, and the list goes on. The Firestick is portable and can travel around the house, connecting from TV to TV, so in every room, he will have access to his favorite shows and networks. The Firestick can be purchased at any electronic store and of course Amazon, for only $39.99.

Tair Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Was your boyfriend’s New Year’s resolution focused on getting in shape? If so, why not help keep him motivated and focused at the gym? Your everyday headphones and earbuds are great if you are working or traveling, but when you’re sprinting, jumping, and lifting, cords complicate things.

Using Amazon, you can purchase the Tair Wireless Bluetooth Headphone which is magnetic, sweat proof, and help solve his headphone issues. It’s great to have motivating music in your ears, but it’s no fun when your favorite pump-up songs are getting cut off every 10 seconds because you keep accidentally yanking the cord off your head. A thoughtful, simple idea like this shows you are invested in his goal and believe in his abilities. You will help strengthen his mind and his muscles for only $29.99.