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Ten Places Every Black Woman Should Visit In Her Lifetime

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Have you been dreaming about your next getaway lately? Maybe an ‘exotic’ destination? Don’t be just a tourist, be a traveler! After all, traveling is about your cultural enrichment and enlightenment.

Here is our pick for ten destinations every Black woman should put on her bucket list.


credit: Melanin Journey

As the origin of Black civilization, Egypt offers more than beautiful landscapes. Black travelers who want deeper connections to their roots will find this destination extremely appealing. Beach-goers should visit the South Sinai region, which is full of international restaurants, entertainment options, and of course exquisite diving.

Egypt has a sizeable black population; meaning Black travelers find plenty of options for hair and beauty maintenance while exploring the deserts, pyramids and ocean terrains.


credit: Melanin Journey

Brazil should be at the top of the vacation list for all Women of Color. With the world’s second-largest population of Black people, African culture is prominent in the food, music, and overall energy.

From the beautiful beaches to the African inspired art and cuisine, Brazil welcomes women of all shades.


Ethiopia is the only country in Africa that was not colonized by Europeans, so the variety of ethnic and tribal culture is unmatched. Before you to travel to Ethiopia, you must accept that the conditions will be simple and modest, but that’s the beauty of this country!

Add-in the rich cuisine (known to provide many health benefits) and this trip is a no-brainer for Black travelers.


credit: Melanin Journey

Advocates of Blackness, and the idea of equality and liberty for all Black people, Haiti is the only nation in the world established as a result of a slave revolt.

Unknowingly to many American, Haitians have been instrumental in the development of Black culture in America.

Black women who are looking for destinations that offer more than just the glamorous side of traveling, need to visit Haiti to experience its richness.

South Africa

credit: Melanin Journey

Typically known for Cape Town, which is arguably one of best urban beaches in the world, South Africa offers a variety of sights for Black travelers of all different tastes.

Fabulous wine, unparalleled cities, and a culture full of dancing, and singing – South Africa is the perfect destination for a girl’s trip.


credit: Melanin Journey

Complete with a mix of easy-to-reach islands and a vibrant capital, Senegal is an underrated destination for Black women.

The streets of Dakar are filled with soulful sounds inspired by the local music, exciting nightlife, and uniqueness you can’t find anywhere else.


credit: Melanin Journey

Home of the famous Seven Miles Beach, Jamaica is a beautiful island bursting with culture and adventure. Known for its locally sourced meals, which vary in a combination of fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood – Jamaica includes it all.


credit: Melanin Journey

Year-round sunshine, Thai food, and big city markets (be sure to check out the markets in Bangkok) make Thailand the complete package. Known as “Land of Smiles” the people of Thailand are welcoming, friendly, and love tourists of different cultures.


credit: Melanin Journey

You may never visit a country with better views, cleaner streets, and a more conflicting culture (B-Stylers were talking about you). Japan is known for its beautiful natural landscapes and exquisite cuisine.

Japan is the perfect place for Black women who enjoy traveling alone, as it is one of the safest countries in the world and the safest country in Asia.


credit: Melanin Journey

Tanzania is not typically the first destination you think of when planning a trip to Africa, but many Black travelers have found that Tanzania’s deep culture make them feel more connected to their roots.

Be prepared to have extra baggage, as highly skilled tribes create detailed woodcarvings, vibrant blankets, and beaded jewelry.


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