Five Black-Owned Subscription Boxes for Your Natural Hair

With the pandemic still being very present and steady for us in the United States, learning new ways to cope with the current situation has been vital. Of course, following the social distancing guidelines is extremely important, and getting some of your essential items may be a hassle during these times.

At Ebena, we understand the stress and uncertainty involved during this time and want to offer some relief to your hair struggles.

Now, with so many natural hair-friendly subscription boxes ready and available for you to subscribe to, you can get some of the best natural hair products delivered to your front doorstep – not to mention they are all black-owned! Curious to learn more about some curly hair-friendly subscription box options?

We’ve got you covered with five subscription boxes you should consider giving a try!

What Is A Subscription Box?

A subscription box is a combination of products gathered for you either at random or by your choosing and delivered to you on a recurring basis. There are subscription boxes out there for pretty much anything you can think of, such as skincare, clothing, food – there are even subscription boxes for hair.

Some subscription boxes will send you out a few random products to try at random, while others will allow you to tailor your package to include exactly what you want in it.

With these subscription boxes, you are put on a subscription schedule that will charge your card regularly (typically monthly) and send you new products without you having to lift a finger.

An increasingly popular type of subscription box has been hair subscription boxes geared towards natural hair care. Subscription boxes for looser hair types have always been at the forefront, but subscription boxes for curly hair are growing in numbers as the natural hair movement has grown. There are so many benefits to these boxes, so we’ll list a few here.

  • Natural hair products can be costly. Subscription boxes can send you some of the top natural hair products at a more affordable price.
  • Subscription boxes are great if you want to try out an array of new products, but you’re uncertain about what to try.
  • No more having to stress in the store aisle on what products you should buy. The subscription box can do the work for you.
  • Products are delivered to your front door.

1. CurlBox

Curlbox is a black-owned natural hair subscription box founded by Myleik Teele. Teele began the subscription service to allow women with natural hair the opportunity to save their time and money on going out to buy a ton of products that may not actually work for them.

By joining the CurlBox list, for $20 a month, you’ll be sent four hair product samples all from different established brands geared towards natural hair. Also, if you’re hesitant about joining the subscription, the website offers the ability to purchase boxes without the subscription at varying prices.

Thinking about getting Curlbox?! Curlbox pros and cons

2. CurlKit

The current CEO, Heather Cummings, founded Curlkit. This black-owned subscription box allows subscribers to try out several new natural hair products at a discounted price. For $25 a month, you can subscribe to Curlkit and receive 6-9 samples of popular hair products.

A fantastic thing about this service is that if you try out a product and fall in love, it can typically be purchased on the website. If it’s not available, then the website will have information on vouchers and where you can buy it.

3. TreasureTress

TreasureTress is a steadily growing UK based natural hair subscription that has expanded globally. The subscription service is black-owned and founded by Jamelia Davidson. The goal was to make product discovery simple for all black women and women with naturally curly hair textures.

Over time, the subscription service has become more than just an ordinary subscription box and has transformed into a “safe place for black women led by black women,” according to the website. The box is ₤20, which converts to a little over $25 a month. The box includes a variety of full-sized and deluxe travel-sized hair products and tools.

Treasure tress unboxing

4. CurlMix

CurlMix is a black-owned natural haircare brand. The two co-founders Kim and Tim, created CurlMix as a clean beauty brand for natural hair. Although CurlMix is a brand, they offer a monthly subscription service called CurlMix Fresh. Each month a new set of three new products that are a one-time exclusive will be available for the box.

The subscription box is $60 as a one-time purchase, or you can enroll in the subscription service to save 10% and free shipping.

CurlMix on 4C Natural Hair

5. Cocotique

Cocotique is a black-owned natural hair subscription box founded by Dana Hill. Hill created this subscription box as a way for women to treat themselves to their beauty indulgences regularly. Cocotique has different levels of boxes, depending on how many months you want to pay for.

The base subscription box is $25, where you’ll receive 5-8 deluxe travel size and full-size hair products from different hair brands. The products are randomly selected to help you excitingly experience new products and brands.

If you love any of the products so much that you’ll want more of it, they are available to be purchased on the website.

Cocotique unboxing

Pros and Cons of a Natural Hair Subscription Box?

Pros of a Natural Hair Subscription Box

  • Subscription boxes allow you to try a variety of products from different brands.
  • Subscription boxes give you multiple products for one flat price, which is usually nicely priced when adding up how much each product would cost individually.
  • Subscription boxes typically allow you to repurchase products in full sizes on their websites, so you don’t have to look around for where to get the product again.

Cons of a Natural Hair Subscription Box

  • Subscription boxes often only include travel sizes, which may not allow you many uses.
  • Subscription boxes sometimes involve joining a waitlist as they can only guarantee boxes to a select number of subscribers monthly.

When weighing on whether a subscription service is for you or not, there are many things to consider. Hopefully, these five black-owned natural hair subscription boxes can put you on the path to finding the right natural hair subscription box for you!

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