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What are Passion Twists: All You Need to Know About this Hairstyle

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Passion twists are a protective style that has been extremely popular since 2018. The style is a variation of the Senegalese twists hairstyle, appearing like a rougher, non-uniform version of the twists.

Many liken passion twists to goddess locs as well because they share a delightfully disheveled appearance.

Some may mistake passion twists for Senegalese twists or goddess locs, but they are distinctly different from each of these styles. They are, instead, somewhat of a marriage between these two styles.

Origin of Passion Twists

Passion twists were created by Kailyn Rogers (AKA The Boho Babe), an innovative hairstylist who is based in Miami. She was looking to create an easy-to-maintain protective style that had an edge. She created the style and debuted it at the beginning of 2018 via an Instagram post. In a snap, the style had gained enormous popularity.

Kailyn Rogers (AKA The Boho Babe) – Passion Twists Creator


For most people, passion twists are easy to install. You’ll need some information about how to do it correctly, though. Shortly after debuting the style, Rogers created an instructional video teaching others how to do passion twists. The hairstyle remains popular to this day, and black women all over continue to sing the style’s praises.

Passion twist full tutorial! 2018 by the creator of passion twist

Passion Twists Hair

First and foremost, you need to know that there is special passion twists hair. In order to recreate the classic passion twists birthed by Kailyn Rogers, you’ll need to purchase Packs of Passion Twists Hair or any Passion Twists Hair that is similar to the Freetress hair.

Passion twists crochet hair is available as well – this hair is pre-sectioned and looped. It will save you time during installation.

You can find passion twists hair at your local beauty supply store or online outlets.

Materials that you’ll need for the passion twists style:

  • 4-7 Packs of Extension Hair: FreeTress Water wave/Passion Twists Hair
  • Edge Control
  • Rat Tail Comb
  • Oil of your choice

Lightweight and tension-free passion twists

Lightweight and tension-free passion twists – waist length

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Follow these steps to install passion twists:

  1. Start on freshly washed, conditioned, and detangled hair. Use a rat tail comb to section the hair into square-shaped sections (or any other shape you’d prefer). Make sure that you take into account the size that you want each passion twist to be. You can make the sections large, medium, small, or alternate the sizes however, you desire.
  2. Put a dab of edge control gel around the borders of the section of hair you’re going to braid.
  3. Pick up some passion twists extension hair and then separate your real hair into two equal sections.
  4. Twist the extension hair in with your real hair.
  5. Once the extension hair is secured to the real hair, you then begin to twist the section of hair down as if you were creating a Senegalese twist.
  6. Twist the hair with enough tension so that the twist begins to buckle onto itself. You can literally pull the two sections of the twist apart periodically to achieve the appropriate tension. This will create the non-uniform look of the passion twist. Leave the ends loose.
  7. Repeat these steps for the rest of your head.
  8. Oil your scalp with an oil of your choice.
  9. Lay your edges down with the edge control you want.
Passion Twists styles by Kailyn, The Boho Babe

Jumbo Passion Twists

Passion twists Synthetic Color: 1B (natural black)


Passion twists carry many benefits.

The supplies are cheap.

In comparison to other faux hair, passion twists hair is affordable. You can get several packs of hair for less than $50, whereas you could be spending more than $100 for other types of hair. Other supplies needed for the style are very low cost.

Passion twists are inexpensive

Depending on your stylist, the style could cost anywhere from $50 to $200. Being that you could spend a few hundred dollars on just the hair required for other styles, the cost-effectiveness of passion twists is a huge plus. The cost of your passion twists will depend on the size and length you want your passion twists to be.

Passion twists are not designed to be hard on your edges

Since passion twists are supposed to look a bit rough, there is no reason why a stylist should be trying to get your hair to look super sleek. Since this is the case, there is a lower probability of you experiencing hair loss with this style. *Make sure that you talk to your hairstylist if any style is too tight.

Passion twists last a long time

The time that the style can last ranges from a few weeks to a couple of months depending on your hair growth rate, how well you care for the twists, and the quality of twist installation by the stylist. Note that it is generally not recommended to leave any protective style in for longer than 2 months.

The style is easy to do

While many will choose to go to a stylist to get their passion twists installed, you can do your own passion twists. All it takes for most is to watch a tutorial on how to install them. Watch the instructional video by Kailyn Rogers, the original creator of passion twists, here. Still, since the style takes several hours, and longer if you do it on your own hair, many prefer a stylist.

They are low maintenance and protective. Passion twists are a true protective style. Once your hair is done, there’s no need to manipulate it and cause damage to it. The style is also incredibly low maintenance. All you need to do is wrap a silk scarf around your head, go to sleep. And when you wake up, all you need to do is take your scarf off and go. If you notice that your scalp is thirsty for moisture, spritz it with a little leave-in conditioner.

They look great on everyone. No matter your face shape or features, this style can be adapted to compliment your look. You can change the size and placement of the passion twists to create your optimal look.


Passion twists are a fun protective style to wear. lt offers lots of varying styles. With all the choices of hairstyles, you will find one that works best for you! Would you like to know more about the benefits of protective hairstyles? Read this article.

Credit to: The Boho Babe Miami @xolovekailyn


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