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Four Reasons why Lizzo Is a Hair Icon

Ebena | Wed, 03/18/2020 - 21:10

Vibrant. Vivacious. Effervescent… All accurate words to describe Lizzo! The Detroit-born powerhouse busted onto the scene in 2017 with the viral sleeper hit "Truth Hurts,” and, these days, she can be seen or heard every time you turn on your television or radio. Her larger-than-life personality catapulted her career just as much as her amazing sounds, and her funky style has amplified her stardom even more! 

Ebena Lizzo


Lizzo leaves no stone unturned, and she always pushes the envelope with a smile! She’s a bonafide hair icon because she allows herself to be creative, to take risks, and slay in everything she does. Just in case you need any more convincing, here are the top four reasons why we think Lizzo is a hair icon!


1. She’s Got Textures for Days

Lizzo isn't afraid to mix it up and serve looks with different hair textures—curly, kinky, coily or straight. This pop diva has been seen on the red carpet with hair as big as her personality and as creative as her style. Let's get into her textures to really break down her iconic hair!


Curls for the Girls

She loves to rock big curly hair on and off the stage! From interviews, magazine covers, and even her racy Instagram posts, you can find her serving curls for the girls. What makes this look so iconic is the way she embraces and exudes black girl magic with every kinky curl. Curly hair is synonymous with black women, so seeing an artist as successful as Lizzo showcase this culture and style is so powerful. (#ProTip: to get curly locks like Lizzo, opt for a Brazilian Curly Hair weave.)



Lizzo rocked mini afro puffs for her spread in Essence magazine, and she pulled off an unconventional look that only she—and, let’s be real, maybe Erykah Badu—could nail. She tapped into her African roots and created a look with hair jewels, afro puffs, and braids. Lizzo, we are not worthy of this, but we thank you for blessing us anyway.


Sassy Ponytails

One pony or two, she rocks sassy ponytails effortlessly. A stunning Brazilian body wave two-styled ponytail or a bone straight high pony has become a signature look that you can count on when she hits the stage. It's fun, young, and girly—all things we know and love about Lizzo! 

Are you looking to create one of these Lizzo-inspired hairstyles? Grab yourself a few bundles of body wave or a full curly wig to complete your look. Be creative and a risk-taker–Lizzo would want it that way!


2. The Girl Isn’t Afraid of Color

Ebena Lizzo


Pink, purple, red—give her all the colors in the rainbow, and our good sis Lizzo will create an IG-worthy look! Adding a dash of color is always a unique way to express your personal style, and she has no problem expressing herself vibrantly.


Pink Is the Flavor

Lizzo pulled out all the stops with her 2019 Met Gala look, and pink was the flavor of the week indeed. With a hot pink updo and draped in jewels, she let us and the entire Met Gala audience know what time it was. Lizzo arrived, and we were on her time, not ours!


Purple Haze

A pop of color is no biggie to this hair icon queen! Get into her long wavy purple haze ombré tresses. Purple is the color of royalty, so it's no wonder she chose this color to slay on the stage.

Are you looking to add a pop of color in your life? No need to die your natural hair. You can achieve Lizzo’s ombré look by using a protective style to create one of these colorful ’dos. The body wave purple haze can be yours with a few bundles of blonde and add the color yourself. 


3. She Loves a Throwback Look

Icons know the importance of paying homage, and Lizzo has tipped her crown to the creative and revolutionary styles of yesteryear. A ’60s updo, ’70s cornrows, and even an ’80s style Jheri-curl are the styles Lizzo was able to captivate and make her own.


Lizzo’s Beehive

Arriving at the 2019 VMAs wearing a retro updo was the perfect way to show the masses that this may be her first year as a nominee, but it won't be the last. She earned "Best Hair" from Allure magazine, and we couldn't agree more!

Ebena Lizzo



She’s Got the Juice!

In the video for her smash hit "Juice,” she wore a retro juicy Jheri-curl that would make anyone's soul glow. (A throwback to Coming to America, of course!) She took a chance and brought back this very cliché style and rocked it in her own fashion. If Jheri-curls make a comeback, it will be Lizzo to thank (or blame).


Cornrow Goddess

A style featuring throwback cornrows draped with pearls and gold studs was her way of giving the nod to the ’70s. When you think of this decade, you think of amazing artists and dancers who graced the Soul Train stage and dance floor. It looks like she tapped into that era with this look!


Lizzo Embraces Her Natural Curls

Last but not least, Lizzo slays au natural, too! Lizzo is all about having fun and creating buzz-worthy looks—always experimenting with textures, colors, and trends—but she has no problem letting her natural curls flourish, either. Being an icon of any sort is knowing who you are, loving who that person is, and showcasing it to the world. Lizzo has done that from her music, style and now she's letting us know who she is through her ICONIC hairstyles. 

Which Lizzo hairstyle would you dare to try?


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