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Hair professionals: how to get new clients on Instagram in 2020

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For a hairstylist, a natural hair specialist, a braider, a loctician, a weavologist, or any hair professional, Instagram is the go-to social media in 2020. Here are some simple techniques for you to bring new clients to your hair business and make repeat sales on Instagram.

5. It is not only about the followers

Having thousands of followers does not mean business. The number of followers on your hair page does not drive sales for your business. Followers do not bring any cash in the bank, but appointments do.

Even if you have less than 100 followers, you can still convert a lot of your page visitors to long-term, loyal clients and make repeat sales. Spend less time chasing followers and more time building relationships with your visitors.

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4. Engage with your visitors

Show some love to your page visitors and build a community around your brand. If you are getting DMs and comments on your page, do not ignore them. Take a few minutes of your day to reply and follow up with your page visitors.

You never know who might be your next client. By keeping your page active, you will raise the level engagement of your page, and Instagram will feature more of your content.

3. Show your prices and policies

Time is valuable for visitors on Instagram. Get organized and show your prices upfront. Be transparent, and include as many details as you can about your hair services. Visitors that are serious about booking an appointment will be more likely to contact you.
Here are some examples of text that you can include in your Instagram highlights section:

  • I require a deposit for appointments: yes/no
  • The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Here is my cancellation policy: …
  • Here is the type of hair to bring: …
  • The minimum hair length should be: …
  • Here is my price list: … etc.

2. Write a clean Instagram Bio

Keep it short and simple. Make it easy for your visitors to book without having to text or call you. Here are a few items that you must write in your bio:

  • Your Business name
  • Your Phone number
  • The Link to your booking website (For deposits, payments and appointments booking)
  • Your Location

That’s it! Adding a link to your appointment scheduling page makes it easy for your client to lock in an appointment.

1. Post more Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth even more!

Videos attract twice more visitors than photos. Show your work, post VIDEOS, VIDEOS, and more VIDEOS. Ask your clients if you can post their existing videos on your Instagram page.

No need for an expensive camera, just use your phone. Make short recordings with enough light, showing the details and the quality of your work. Take the time to show all angles of the head, front, back, and a closeup of the finishing. For long videos, you can speed up the footage to show the full process. Follow these tips, and will you will always catch the attention of your visitors.

Try to be consistent and post frequently. Under your hair videos, add the right hashtags. Use the tags that describe your work best. Some examples of hashtags are: #houstonbraider, #boxbraids, #naturalhair, #passiontwists. For each hairstyle, that you post, include that hairstyle name in your hashtags. Remember, it is not about how many hashtags you use; it’s about choosing the right hashtags.

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Conclusion and bonus tip

On a final note and as a bonus for you, following and tagging popular Instagram accounts can get you featured, and getting featured means more visitors.


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Smartbook appointment scheduling and e-commerce

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