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Hair stylists: how to book your hair appointments online?

Smartbook appointment scheduling and e-commerce

When it comes to managing your business there is a variety of apps that can help you stay organized. Hair salon online booking is a useful time management tool to keep track of your clients’ reservations.

Some software allow you to collect deposits in advance, set your terms and cancellation policy, manage your appointment calendar, and stay organized.

We tried ebena! The hair salon online booking app

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No more endless phone calls

Tired of getting all these phone calls for appointments booking? Communication between you and your clients can sometimes become overwhelming and distracting, especially during the busy seasons.

If you keep getting calls and text messages all day long, it might be time to get online booking so that you are not tied to the phone all day. No need to hire additional staff, let the booking website do the hard for you.

After all, you are a hairstylist, not a phone receptionist. Your customers will get the instant satisfaction of your service, with no hassle of standing in line and waiting for confirmation. Try the free appointment scheduling app of Ebena.

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Get your money around the clock

Online booking lets clients reserve a seat with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week – it’s available even in the middle of the night when you are not there to answer the phone.

It is convenient and flexible for your clientele as it can book by looking at the best spots on your calendar. Keep it simple; and if you can work with your client’s schedule, they will keep coming back for future reservations.

Manage last-minute appointments

40% of reservations are made less than one day in advance. Online booking systems make it easy to get “last minute” appointments for services.

Clients can see your availability on your page, choose the time that works for them, and book their appointments in advance.

Having a deposit policy on your page can reduce the risks of no-shows. If you have lots of unused slots on your calendar or some spare time, those last-minute reservations could always help to cash out!

How online booking can boost your hair business

Fewer misunderstandings with your clients

By booking via your online calendar, you avoid all the possible misunderstandings and errors that can happen when booking on paper. You get emails and SMS notifications to confirm the appointment. The systems can also send your customers all the details, before their visit to your salon.

Easy cancellation

Things happen, and sometimes your clients may need to cancel. It is never pleasing to lose an appointment, but these are the realities of running a business. Most of the time, clients would feel the guilt to call you and cancel their appointments.

An online calendar gives them the opportunity to do it without having a chat over the phone or eye to eye with you. Anyways, a cancellation is always better than a no-show.

In the case of a cancellation, you can always keep the deposit according to your cancellation policy.

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Ebena Pro Booking

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Keep your calendar full with Ebena Pro. The easier you make it for clients to book, the more they will book with you. Ebena Pro lists your all services and your availability online so that clients can book with you fast. It’s that simple

What’s included in Ebena Pro?

  • Get your custom page
  • List all your services
  • Accept credit card payments
  • Collect Deposits from clients
  • Manage your calendar of appointments
  • Manage your list of clients
  • View your income reports


Smartbook is an appointment scheduling and e-commerce app for beauty professionals to sell their services and products. Visit
Smartbook appointment scheduling and e-commerce

Smartbook scheduling and ecommerce