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Four Ways to Find the Best Hair Stylist near you

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Did you just move to a new city? Are you just looking for recommendations? When you need your hair slayed, finding the right hairstylist at a reasonable price is often easier said than done.

Few people are brave enough to venture into a salon with absolutely no recommendations. Frankly, that’s not the best idea. Just because someone has a shop, doesn’t mean they know what is best for your tresses. Luckily, there few ways to locate a stylist in your neighborhood that will give you exactly what you want without charging an exorbitant amount of money.

Social Media

The best and worst thing about social media is how easy it is to access the thoughts and voices of hundreds (or even thousands) of people on one platform. Doing a social media callout to all of your friends and followers for stylists in your area can give you access to a myriad of options and locations, some of you may know about and some you may not.

Unfortunately, your friends’ words can’t always be trusted. For example, your homegirl who said her braids were too tight might just be tender-headed, or your buddy whose fade got messed up may have been passed off on the new guy.

Putting your needs out on social media could also potentially place your personal information at risk. Still, social media can be a good starting point when trying to gauge what salons might be in the area; it just shouldn’t be your only source.

Google search

Your first search would be: Find a hair salon near me or hairdressers near me. However; the main benefit of a Google search is that you’re able to narrow down your inquiries to salons in your exact area and price range. Internet search engines can also connect you to reviewing sites like Yelp, where patrons of a salon share their thoughts on their experience.

However, search engines often base a business’ rating on the number of reviews about the company. If a salon only has two bad reviews from when it was just beginning to figure things out, those reviews are what the search engine will base the business’ rating on.

Additionally, if a salon doesn’t have an existing website, finding out information about pricing and appointments availability might be challenging.


Once upon a time, there was no better place to find any business you were looking for than the good old yellow pages. However, with the rise of search engines and mobile applications, the need for the phone book has slipped.

According to Blumenthals, the page count of the Yellow Pages fell 10 percent in 2014. The Yellow Pages has now found a competitor in the name of Yelp. Yelp offers business listings similarily with Yellow Pages. It even has an app! You can read customer feedback on their experiences with that business.

Yelp reviews an rating can help you made a better decision about who to choose to touch your hair.

Ebena Fastbook

If you’re looking for a combination of speed, accuracy, and efficiency when searching for a salon or stylist, look no further than Ebena Fastbook. The new Ebena Fastbook website can help you give the best quality for your money. Here is a sneak peek at what you can do with Fastbook.

  • Narrow your search down to your location, neighborhood, price and desired hairstyle
  • Swipe left or right on the stylist you like or don’t like to pick your favorite
  • Check reviews and ratings
  • Message the stylist of your choice and plan your hair appointment

I need a hair appointment

Ebena Fastbook eliminates dead-end google searches, unreliable word-of-mouth recommendations and disappointing calls to salons. The only way of finding a stylist could be easier, would be if someone knocked on your door with your perfect stylist in town!

Finding a salon is no joke, whether you’re asking your Facebook fam, flipping through the Yellow Pages or swiping left on Ebena Fastbook. All of these methods work for the person looking to switch up their salon game, or someone who just moved to a new area and needs a go-to stylist pronto.

Going to a new salon is a risk, and shouldn’t be taken lightly–a bad hairstyle will last at least two weeks, and the effects on your hair could take months, or even years, to grow out. But taking the time to vet your salon options properly can ensure that your hair is in good hands.

Book your hair appointment.


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Smartbook appointment scheduling and e-commerce

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