Fastbook: the Marketplace for Hair Service

Ebena, the fast-growing one-stop-shop for hair salons, stylists and beauty tips, announced the release of its newest feature Ebena Fastbook.

With this latest tool, Ebena hopes to give its users access to a larger network of hairstylists and salons and make hair appointment booking even easier.

What is Ebena Fastbook?

Fastbook allows users to search for hair stylists based on their personal preferences. Within few minutes of posting a request on Fastbook, a client can receive multiple offers from local beauty professionals ready to provide services. The tool is designed to help clients find hair stylist quick and efficiently.

Fastbook guides you through the entire process of selecting a hair stylist, booking, and attending an appointment, ensuring accountability and satisfaction on both ends.

“We are giving you more control over who does your hair, where and when. Fastbook takes your booking experience to the next level,” said founders of Ebena.

How does it work?

Ebena Fastbook search is customizable by location, style, desired appointment time, neighborhood and payment preference. Clients can also input photos to give stylists a visual example of the look they wish to have.

On the stylist’s end, they can use Fastbook Pro to access client inquiries and like accept or reject inquiries in a manner similar to Tinder’s left/right swipe.

Like or Pass

When a stylist expresses interest in a request, the client receives a notification via text message or email. The person can choose from the stylists that have responded using the Like button.

Once a client settles on a hairdresser, she can make her final choice and confirm the appointment. Both the stylist and client have a set amount of time to confirm the appointment once there is a match.

The Chat

Ebena Fastbook also has a chat feature that allows stylists and clients to communicate before, during and after the match. The user can also report a no-show if one of the parties fails to arrive for the appointment.

At the end of the session, the user can rate their experience and share feedback on communication, timeliness, talent, service, payment and the overall experience.

Fastbook also saves past appointments to allow users to view their personal appointment history. It is currently available to use on the Ebena website.

Why use Ebena Fastbook?

Designers of Ebena Fastbook note that it is a more efficient way of quickly securing a hairstylist. Typically people in need of short notice hair appointments will scour Facebook or Google for a hairstylist near them.

Others make a callout post for recommendations from friends, which is not the most surefire way to find a great stylist. With Fastbook, everything is streamlined within the Ebena site without exposing any personal information to the public.

You can quickly compare prices, like or pass stylists based on your preferences. Ebena latest matching tool gets you connected to a large number of beauty professionals no matter where you live or what you need!

“We know the struggle of women to get their hair done on short notice,” Ebena said. “Let Fastbook do the hard work for you, so you don’t have to make endless phone calls to book your next hair appointment.”

About Ebena

Ebena makes it easy for anyone to find a hairstylist. It hosts a database of stylists in all locations, from all backgrounds and areas of expertise to match the needs of all users.

Ebena also provides information on various hairstyles and hair care methods to ensure that users can make their best beauty decisions. A growing number of personal ratings and reviews is making Ebena one of the most trusted platform for hair appointment booking. To learn more visit the Fastbook page

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