The Benefits of Burdock Oil for Your Hair and Scalp

For centuries, Burdock oil has been used in a variety of ways across several regions and cultures. Its medicinal properties and the nutrients it adds to foods have been a staple for those that consume its natural benefits.

Beyond it solely providing nutrients for the inside of your body, this oil has also been known to do great things cosmetically. The wonders this oil can do for your hair are truly magical. For more information on how this oil can greatly benefit your hair, keep reading!

Burdock Root Benefits| DIY Ayurvedic Hair Loss Oil

The Origin of Burdock Oil

Burdock oil, aka burdock root oil, is derived from the plant known scientifically as Arctium lappa. This plant is part of the Asteraceae family, which is a family of flowering plants. This native plant to Eurasia can be greatly identified by its large, heart-shaped leaves.

The flower itself is a beautiful purple hue, and its stems are strong and sturdy. This is an edible plant as you can consume both the roots and the flower portions; however, the flower should only be consumed when it’s in a tender, chewable stable. This plant is, in fact, a highly consumed food in Japan. They refer to the plant as “gobo” and love it for its natural diuretic and blood purifying properties.

Burdock oil is extracted from the leaves and roots of the plant. The oil has many purposes and is predominantly known for its medicinal and cosmetic uses. As mentioned, the plant is known to be consumed, and that goes for the oil as well.

The oil can be used in various oral medicines, foods, and even drinks. It has been used to cook with since ancient times. According to Uncategory, Indigenous tribes of America have particularly used the oil and plant for all its many benefits for years.

The burdock plant’s roots will be your sole provider to complete the burdock oil’s actual extraction. One of the most efficient ways to produce the oil, according to Apekta Store, is to smash the roots and leave them alone to dry out in the sun. Once it has dried out, it is in a prime state for creating the oil. They can now be placed into a container and covered with vegetable oil.

By leaving this mixture undisturbed for a couple of weeks, the extraction process will take place. After a while, you’ll have created your very own pure burdock oil.

The Composition of Burdock Oil

Burdock oil is primarily extracted from the roots and leaves of the plant. These components of the plant obtain a variety of rich chemicals such as glycosides, flavonoids, inulin, alkaloids, tannins, essential oils, and several others, according to Apekta Store.

The oil is rich in A, B2, fatty acids and has high inulin and polyacetylenes. These both help greatly in fighting fungi and bacteria.

The Benefits of Burdock Oil

Burdock oil has many benefits. Many of its benefits relate to its internal use and consumption; however, the oil has many cosmetic benefits for both skin and hair. As it pertains to hair alone, burdock root has many key nutrients that can greatly benefit your hair over time. Let’s explore some of these benefits and why you should consider adding burdock oil to your hair care routine.

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Fights Dry Scalp Conditions

Dandruff and eczema are some of the unfortunate conditions that can attack your scalp. Many people that have these ongoing conditions may have reached a state of hopelessness, which is understandable. These uncomfortable conditions can affect your life in many ways, and finding products to not only soothe the issue for the moment but heal your scalp entirely can be a long process.

Burdock oil luckily can help with these common dry and inflamed scalp issues. The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties within burdock oil help to significantly reduce discomfort to your scalp. The oil penetrates your scalp and can provide relief from redness, itchiness, and irritation with consistent use.

Promotes Hair Growth

One of the biggest things people look at when deciding on hair oils is whether it can stimulate hair growth. One of the great things about burdock oil is that since it has scalp healing properties, that means it can also penetrate your hair follicles.

Burdock oil seeps into your follicles and provides oxygen and necessary circulation to your scalp. This will not only promote a healthy scalp but also help in producing amazing hair growth.

If you’ve ever heard happy scalp, healthy hair, then you’ve heard correctly. Once your scalp is happy and thriving, your hair’s health can improve immensely. This, in return, will provide you the hair growth that you’re looking for.

The best way to use Burdock Root for hair growth.

Reverses Total Hair Loss

It’s easier to imagine a product that can help you grow the hair strands already there; however, assuming that product can also bring back hair in places where it has been completely lost is another thing. Luckily, burdock oil does both. This oil not only penetrates existing hair strands but goes deep into even the non-active hair follicles you have and provides stimulation.

Alopecia and hair loss are hair scalp conditions that many people across the world suffer from. Burdock oil goes deep into those hair follicles and provides them with the nourishment they need to produce hair once again.

Grows Strong Hair Strands

Not only do you want an oil that can help to grow your hair, but you should want a product that will also help you maintain that growth. Burdock oil does both. This oil has the necessary amino acids that help to build the protein that your hair strands desperately need to be strong. No one wants strong hair that will snap with the slightest manipulation. If the amino acids don’t sell you, this oil also contains vitamin A, strengthening your hair strands.

Burdock oil has a list of benefits, but some of the less talked about benefits are those that pertain to your hair. Your hair is a beautiful extension of yourself and is something to treasure and take care of. If you find that your hair needs the benefits burdock oil provides, then it's worth trying! Curious to learn about another natural oil and whether it's right for your hair? Read Hair Oil Series: The Benefits of Jojoba Oil for your Hair and Scalp!