The Black Baby Hair Care Guide

Ebena Black Baby Hair Care Guide

Perhaps you've recently brought home a Black bundle of joy who's got a head full of gorgeous curls. Surely, you are oohing and aahing about how adorable the baby's hair is (we don't blame you), but do you really know how to properly take care of those beautiful curls? If not, that's okay! You've come to the right place.

This short guide will tell you all you need to know about your Black baby's hair and how to take care of it.

Characteristics of Black Babies' Hair

Unlike some babies of other races, most Black newborns have fine, curly hair. Black babies' hair generally starts extremely fine, meaning that their hair strands are thin. 

Since a Black newborn's hair is fine, it is especially vulnerable to damage and breakage if handled too vigorously or too frequently.

Ebena black baby hair


Curly Baby Hair Issues

Black Babies are not exempt from the struggles that curly hair can bring. Curly hair is prone to dryness. This is because the structure of curly baby hair does not allow scalp oils to travel down the hair strands effectively. 

Also, curly baby hair is generally weaker than non-curly hair types. This is because there are weak spots in each hair strand (these weak spots are located wherever the strand bends to form each curl). 

Ebena Black Baby Hair


Basic Black Baby Hair Care Routine


When shampooing your child's hair, it's best to use a gentle shampoo to preserve hair moisture since curly baby hair is prone to dryness. Try shampooing once per week, and if you find that your baby's hair is dry, wash less often. Conversely, if you find that your baby's hair is too oily, wash more often.


Johnsons Head-To-Toe Gentle Tear-Free Baby Wash Shampoo 27 Oz


Johnsons Head-To-Toe Gentle Tear-Free Baby Wash Shampoo 27 Oz


Baby hair

Some gentle shampoo options include baby shampoos (without sulfates) like Johnson's Head-To-Toe Gentle Tear-Free Baby Wash & Shampoo or any other gentle sulfate-free shampoos.

If your baby's hair is dehydrated, you can try a co-wash instead, like As I Am Coconut Cowash. Cowashes are mostly conditioners that are formulated to clean the scalp and hair.


Camille Rose Kids Brown Butter 4 oz

Camille Rose Kids Brown Butter 4 oz



Camille Rose Kids Sundae Glaze 8 oz

Camille Rose Kids Sundae Glaze 8 oz



Following every shampoo session, follow up with a moisturizing conditioner to help prevent hair dryness. One highly-rated moisturizing conditioner you can try is the Honest Calming Lavender Hypoallergenic Conditioner.

Honest Calming Lavender Hypoallergenic Conditioner

Honest Calming Lavender Hypoallergenic Conditioner



To protect your baby's fragile curls from damage and breakage, you will need to use either (1) a wide-toothed comb or (2) your fingers to detangle it.

To minimize breakage, only detangle your baby's hair when it is wet and coated in a conditioner or another slippery product.

You also want to be patient throughout the detangling process and take your time to detangle the hair gently. 

Black baby hair care guide



When it comes to styling black babies' hair, less is more. Natural hairstyles that (1) don't pull the hair tightly and (2) don't require much hair manipulation during styling are perfect.

Also, try not to style your baby's hair too often, as repeated stress on the hair can be damaging.

Some appropriate hairstyles for babies ages 0 to 1 include: 

  • A simple curly afro 
  • Some curly puffs
  • Half up half down curls 
  • French Braids

To assist in styling, tame frizz, and increase curl definition with Super Curls™ Styler 12 oz

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Super Curls™ Styler 12 oz


Don't Worry If These Things Happen

Your Baby's Hair Could Change Drastically - As your child grows older, their hair may become coarser and thicker. This may prompt you to update your child's hair regimen as necessary. 

Your Baby's Hair Might Fall Out - Many babies lose their hair, sometimes all of it, within the first six months of life. While it may seem alarming, it really is nothing to worry about. The hair will grow back over time. 

Following this routine for your black baby's hair will help to ensure that their hair is adequately hydrated, protected, and looking its best.