The Best Black Hair Care for your Baby’s Natural Hair

Many new and even more experienced parents never stop considering the importance of using the proper hair care for their black baby’s hair. A great misconception is that you can use the same baby hair products as everyone else, although the black baby’s hair requires a gentler touch. It’s also easy to assume that hair is just hair and that you could maybe get away with using the same products you might use on your hair for your baby’s hair as well.

This could be just fine depending on the products you are using on yourself; however, more times than not, the products we use on our hair is too much for your little one’s hair to bear. In this article, we’ll explore why your baby’s products differ from your own and some good black baby hair care products for multiple uses!

Hair care routine for black baby(3 months old)

What’s the difference?

Many parents eventually ask the question, “what’s the difference.” Of course, being able to use the same products you use for your own hair’s needs on your baby’s hair as well could be a definite pocket saver but could also lead to terrible consequences for a child’s hair.

It’s easy to assume that their hair should react normally to the same products, but babies are much more sensitive in more ways than just their skincare. Everything about a baby requires gentler care than we would give ourselves; therefore, paying close attention to what you put in their hair is imperative.

Your baby’s hair has several differences when comparing it to our hair. One difference is the lack of medulla in baby hair. The medulla is the core of your hair, which makes hair coarser and stronger. Babies are not born with this, giving the soft texture they immediately have after being born.

Honey Baby Naturals Honey Shea Butter Hair Smoothie, 10.5 Ounce


Over time, you’ll notice that your baby’s hair begins to become coarser in texture and take the form of what their hair texture will officially be as they grow up. Therefore, refraining from harsh products and chemicals in your baby’s hair is essential as their hair may not be able to withstand it.

This also leads to the need to cleanse their hair more often than you would your own but with mild shampoos. Their hair strands can obtain build-up much easier and will require more washing. However, when cleansing, you must be cautious of not using strong and stripping shampoos as their sensitive strands simply can not handle it.

Overall, when comparing your hair needs to your baby’s hair needs, the common factor is that their hair requires much gentler products packed full of nutrients and vitamins. Baby hair products are formulated to meet all these needs, whereas our products are not tailored to meet those same needs.

Black Baby Hair Care

Now that we know the difference between your hair and your baby’s hair learning more about black baby hair care is necessary to take notes. Black people, in general, already have coarser and dryer hair textures than other races. This factor doesn’t change for your little one’s hair.

Now not only do you have to worry about their hair being more sensitive and fragile, but you must keep in mind that their hair also has the common characteristics of being coarse and dry.

Balancing these factors can be challenging as you’re on the hunt for the right hair products for your black baby. Luckily, as the world of black hair products has risen over the past few years, so have hair products for black babies. As they used to be few and far between, there is now more of an abundance of options to choose from for your bundle of joy’s natural hair.

For Curl Definition

Learning to define your child’s natural curls from a young age will help make styling their hair a breeze as they get older. Finding gentle products without having to use harsh gels on their curls is a must. For defined, frizz-free curls, consider giving Kinder Curls by Curl Keeper a try.

This silicone-free styler allows you to define your baby’s curls while gliding through their hair effortlessly. Also, this no build-up styler allows you to refresh your baby’s hair with a bit of water instead of having to pile on more products.

How I Moisturize My Toddler's Dry Natural Hair

For Moisture

Effectively moisturizing your baby’s hair can be difficult since most products can be too heavy and weigh their fragile hair down. The Honey Shea Butter Hair Smoothie from Honey Baby Naturals is a perfect go-to for intense moisture to your baby’s dry curls.

This styling crème is packed full of natural ingredients that will give your baby’s hair a well-needed boost of moisture. The key ingredients in this smoothie are shea butter, coconut oil, and honey. All these ingredients combined promote healthy, moisturized hair.

For Hair Growth

Babies go through a period of shedding a ton of hair. Ensuring your baby’s healthy hair growth is essential, and sometimes getting a push from the proper products can help stimulate their follicles and help the process along. The Brown Butter Melt by Camille Rose Naturals is the perfect combination of various butter and oils to provide stimulation for your baby’s scalp.

This mixture includes butters like shea, cocoa, and mango that help to soften and smooth the hair. The olive, sunflower, and orange oils help to moisturize their dry scalps and boost growth. Marshmallow is also found in the formula to help with smoothing and detangling your baby’s hair.

Brown Butter Melt by Camille Rose Naturals


For Cleansing

Finding the perfect cleansers for your baby’s hair can be a very trial and error process. You want something that will remove the build but not completely strip the hair of all its natural oils. The Hair and Body Wash by Tubby Todd does just that. This hypoallergenic wash is so gentle that it can double as a body and hair wash. With natural extracts and plant-based ingredients, this wash will put moisture back into your baby’s hair while gently removing any excess build-up. With this wash, a little goes a long way as the tiniest squirt produces quite the lather.

It’s also good to note that 2-in-1 hair and body washes can surely be used on your baby as they mature; however, making a separation of the two may be best for black babies. As your child’s hair gains its medulla, it will become stronger and coarser and be able to handle a stand-alone shampoo with specific benefits for your black baby’s hair. By the time they reach toddler age, this switch is recommended.

Now that you know more about products suitable for your black baby’s hair, there are still tons of things to be on the lookout for concerning your baby. Read Baby Hair: Four Conditions you Should Know About for some common hair conditions your baby may experience.